About Darren

This is dazaroo’s about page, hello there.

Giving this page a rehash along with the whole blog, so here goes.

Obssession with Friends, tea, yellow Fanta, various rock and punk bands.

Sports Journalist graduate from Sunderland, now being just standardly awesome.

I’ll go into a bit more detail in actual posts with a bit of luck, but main likes are below:

-Music, from System of a Down to Westlife to Eminem to Blink 182 to Oasis, to cite a few examples.

-Sport, Manchester United, Carlisle United fan, partial to a bit of Southampton. Tennis, Murray fan to much grief, cricket in all its glorious forms, play a spot of badminton and squash.

-Also an occasional FIFA king, when the mood takes me.

More about info is up in the ‘More about Darren’ space just next to this one. Also my about.me page is down the side of the blog.

Enjoy, Darren. xox

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The changing faces (and hairstyles) of Darren Hyland and friends.


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