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Budapest 2018

So, as of July 15th, 2018, Emerald and I have been married a whole year.

Because we are such adorable legends, we flew ourselves off to Hungary for our paper anniversary.

Our hotel had as much free tea as you could be bothered to go and make, so we spent a lot of time drinking tea and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is just the most us way to spend a holiday ever. Also I ate a ton of fast food, which is the most me thing to do on holiday…

We did feel like we should probably go explore the lovely city of Budapest, it was 31 degrees and insanely dry the entire time we were there.

First day we walked across the bridge into Buda (our hotel was in Pest) and checked out the castle. The architecture is very British in design, but a bunch of cool twists to it. Look at the Parliament building!!! (It’s the one in the first and last pictures that looks like ours if it were in Game of Thrones).

A few negatives real quick, I don’t want to dwell on bad stuff.

Some of the streets smelled really bad, maybe it was the heat making it worse I don’t know. It was smelly though.

The one thing we actually paid for was the Holocaust Memorial. It was super disappointing. After seeing the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, this was just paragraphs on paragraphs of information and history. Possibly interesting to history buffs, but there were very few artifacts or things of that nature to actually look at.

The taxi service we booked for 4am to take us back to the airport was 40 minutes early, so obviously we were not awake. Emerald ended up giving the poor man behind the desk a piece of her mind and got the taxi to come back for us. It was awesome.

Enough bad stuff, here are some more pictures.

More good things! The weather was brilliant, if a little too warm for my English self, but the air conditioning in our room made up for that.

Like Prague and Krakow, everything was super cheap. We brought back half our spending money, so anyone wanting a city break for less than 400 pounds each all in should make this a place to see.

Right by the Buda side of the river is a big hill towards the castle, not much fun for a pair of smokers… The castle itself is surrounded by a bunch of beautiful buildings and views, and was my main highlight of the trip that wasn’t food or Netflix.

Also all the locals were really nice and patient, and I cannot say no to a continental hotel breakfast.

Prague is still my favourite European city I’ve been too, but Budapest was well worth the trip.

And that’s about it! No more holidays planned for the near future, but I realised I haven’t put anything on here from our honeymoon in Vegas, so I will make that happen soon.

Happy anniversary to us! Here’s to planning for next year.

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Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack