A list: Go-to songs #2 – 23.4.13

Oh my golly gosh another golden draft, I’m going to schedule this one to go up four years since it was created. Wait it’s 2018 now? Five years since it was created. I was also writing it at 1am, as I had a wild uni life back then.

So these are all songs that were in my regular rotation back in April 2013. Three of them came out that year, I was big into Save Rock and Roll when it came out.

I started this little series to see what my music tastes were like at any given time. The fact that it went unpublished for four five years gives me a chance to line it up with five tunes I have on repeat right now.

Spoilers: all ten songs are pop-punk, and all ten are awesome. Not one of these new songs were released when I started this article. Onwards!

2013 Top Five

S.O.S. – Good Charlotte (Chronicles of Life and Death, 2004)

Ah, revisiting these songs is so fun. Little gem from the Chronicles album, took me a while to find but once I did I couldn’t listen to anything else for like a week.

Alone Together – Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll, 2013) 

This album has fallen off my radar a lot in the last couple of years. Fall Out Boy have released two since then, the newest I haven’t even heard yet. Saw them at Leeds in 2016 and they are still great live, this is still my favourite song from this album and I will be listening to it again once I’m done here.

Aint It Fun – Paramore (Paramore, 2013) 

Now, if I’d remade this list last year there would more than likely be three new Paramore songs on it. After Laughter took a little while to grow on me but it is so good, and such a risk that you can totally see coming now in songs like this one.

Circular Logic – Carridale (Relapse In The River City, 2011)

I have not listened to Carridale once since I left uni. Maybe once. I don’t remember. Anyway, this was just one of those related artists I came across on Spotify. Really good album, haven’t listened in years.

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll, 2013) 

Great intro, still a great band, but this year especially I’ve been finding a lot of new bands thanks to the magic of Spotify’s suggested songs and having to drive to work every day.

2018 Top Five

Sister Cities – The Wonder Years (Sister Cities, 2018)

Brand new, had it on constantly since it was released right before my birthday. The Wonder Years are and always will be the best pop-punk band on the planet to me, and fingers crossed I’ll have seen them for the third time before this post goes up.

Royal – Waterparks (Double Dare, 2016)

Pop-punk is a funny genre, one that a lot of (incorrect) people think doesn’t exist at all. This is probably the most out there album I’ve heard since After Laughter. Hoping to see them next year, unless I went to one of the March gigs and have already written about by the time this goes up…

Paradise – Broadside (Paradise, 2017)

A band I hoped would play Slam Dunk actually got announced when I asked them to! One of the aforementioned bands I found on Spotify (I actually have Neck Deep’s newest album to thank for these last three bands).

Mess – Real Friends (The Home Inside My Head, 2016)

Band two that I correctly predicted for Slam Dunk! Granted I had about twelve guesses and only got the two, but I have a history of sucking at everything so this is good going for me. I could also have picked The Rich Life of a Poor Man for this spot, I just wish I could find it on YouTube to repeat forever.

Left For Dead – ROAM (Great Heights & Nosedives, 2017)

Cannot help but sing this chorus over and over, infectious band and album and they were one of my incorrect Slam Dunk guesses. Incorrect so far… So if you like a band, go see them. Time’s a wastin’, I could have seen Oasis. I could have seen Oasis.

I need to go sit in a corner and play Little By Little for a while. Thanks for reading!

I’ve thrown a bunch of other old lists down here to get more clicks it seems, so let’s keep those there now that these are all five or six years old.

Hooray for lists, here are some more: Songs 5.4.13Creepy or Common 1Creepy or Common 2Top 22 Albums 1, Top 22 Albums 2Top 10 Actors.

Bye bye!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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