Dublin 2016

I’m currently sat listening to Manchester United, by the sounds of it about 75 minutes away from losing to Chelsea, and so figured while I await the inevitable I pop up a little article on our Dublin holiday from 2016.

Albus and Opie are sprinting about all over the place too, so it’ll probably take me until the end of the match to have this finished because I keep getting distracted by rabbit-shaped shenanigans.

Dublin was a) beautiful and b) an absolute steal, as our return flight was delayed by four hours and we essentially got refunded the whole trip by RyanAir.

Man Utd 0-1 Chelsea. Sure…

When we got to Dublin we had one thing planned; a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. My dad loved a Guinness and it was the one place I really wanted to see. Plus, I wanted to pour my own pint!

Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea YES LUKAKU!!!

Anyway, the Storehouse was really cool, I always prefer free-roaming tours rather than being led around in groups. The very top was a panoramic bar area where we enjoyed a pint and some amazing views out over the hills. We also met some guys who I believe were from Pakistan if I remember rightly, it was a weird holiday where we actually spoke to other humans.

Also Emerald had planned ahead and had some custom made pint glasses waiting for us at the store when we got there because she is the best. I don’t often use them because they are very special.

After that we went to that famous place I’ve forgotten the name of, Temple Bar? Yes it was in Temple Square too I believe, apparently it’s a big place to see in Dublin. We sat at the bar and used our special glasses for another couple of pints of Guinness. We almost lost them to the bar but fortunately I caught them before they accidentally put them away. Switched to whiskey after that…

After that we chatted to a couple of American girls for a while, and took them to the restaurant adjoining our hotel because we wanted some more of the greatest chips in the whole world. Seriously, the food at that place was outstanding and now I’m hungry. If you’re ever in Dublin, go to The Gasworks.

We had seen a sign that day for a Rock n Roll museum, so the next day we had a wander back into the city and checked it out. It’s actually a still-functioning studio, and also has Michael Jackson’s pyjamas on the wall…

I’ve lost Albus… One sec.

Alright found him sleeping under the table. The museum had so much cool stuff, records from quite a lot of bands I am a fan of; Feeder, Arctic Monkeys, AC/DC and a bunch of others. There was also a studio where people could make absolute cringeholes of themselves with a full band setup, and a dressing room with riders from bands who had stayed in the studios over the years.

Lastly, the top floor is entirely dedicated to Thin Lizzy. Along with the original analogue mixing desk are guitars and recording equipment the band used. All really cool for fans of any sort of rock music.

The prices in the city itself aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re no more expensive than somewhere like Manchester. I’d really recommend Dublin for a little city break, especially in the sunnier months.

I will leave you with that picture of MJ’s pjs. And the football is still on, I did it!


Fine set of pyjamas, but where are the bottoms…?

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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