Summerslam 2016 reactions!

Right, I already tried writing an intro here but my phone decided to wipe everything off that post. To sum it up, Summerslam was really, really weird.

The order of the matches was kind of all over the place, the world title was put in an awful position, the new ‘world’ title looks ridiculous and the crowd. Oh, the crowd just took me right out of the whole thing.

I’ll just have a quick run through the matches that I actually saw (I may have missed the preshow because zzzzz).


JerichOwens def. Enzo & Cass 

JerichOwens is better than JeriKO. It just is. 

The match was decent, they’re all charismatic as hell and I really like Owens and Jericho as a team, even if it is just something for both guys to do for a while.

The finish was a little messy, Y2J was a tad late on the Codebreaker. I expect better matches to come in this fued as it goes on. 60%

Charlotte def. Sasha Banks (c)

I can only assume that Sasha Banks is taking some time off. I am not a fan of really short title reigns, and this one just seems like it should have gone longer.

The match itself was surprisingly shoddy. Banks got dropped nastily on her head twice, one looked like her own fault, the other Charlotte’s. If there’s one thing good wrestlers do though, it’s sell those kind of botches, and Sasha certainly did that. I thought she was legit injured for a good five minutes.

Creative finish, sets up a rematch well enough as Sasha had her submission locked in. I also thought the position on the card was weird, especially with what followed leading up to main event. 53%

The Miz (c) def. Apollo Crews 

Miz is turning into a grand IC champ. The hate the guy gets is going to end up causing a huge pop for whoever takes that belt from him.

Last night was not the night for Crews. The match was fine, forgettable but not offensive. Probably a combination of Miz not being quite technical enough and Crews not quite being over enough. The win came out of nowhere, a couple of extra minutes would have pushed the match up a mark. 45%

AJ Styles def. John Cena 

Match of the night. Match of the year, even. Incredible wrestling from two incredible wrestlers, and sooner or later people will start seeing John Cena as one of the top wrestlers working right now.

The pair of them did things I’ve never seen before, an absolute classic from the second AJ won clean. Where does he go now, do we have Styles v Ambrose in store? 

Quick note, the way the crowd treated Cena while he attempted to have a moment in the ring was disgusting. Yeah the man’s probably not retiring, but booing him was unacceptable. 97%

The Club def. The New Day (c) by DQ

Meh. Jon Stewart. The whole Doctor thing. Big E. drinking his testicle formaldehyde. Big E. apparently having a testicle that looks like a lemon.

There was also a wrestling match, it was fine. Fine. Swap this with the Women’s Title match on the card and we might have got a better brawl out of those ladies. 50%

Dean Ambrose (c) def. Dolph Ziggler

I don’t watch WWE programming religiously, so I was confused watching the WWE Championship match and seeing Dean Ambrose looking very heelish. It suited him to a degree, but if he is going bad it seems a bit soon. 

I was sure this match would be great, but on the theme of the night it was just fine, passable. I expected high 80s, I ended up under 70. The charisma of both Ambrose and Ziggler kept this match from being as low as some of the matches that preceded it. 68% 

Natalya, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Bella def. Becky Lynch, Naomi & Carmella 

Cigarette break. I love Becky Lynch, but six people tag matches very rarely hold my interest. On that note it may be unfair to give it the lowest mark of the night, but it’s the only one that made me want to leave the room. Also, Nikki Bella is back. Yay. 35%

Finn Balor def. Seth Rollins – Balor wins the WWE Universal Title

First off, Balor winning is a mistake to me. Rollins was the number one draft pick, should have carried that first title, which is a world title by the way. Finn Balor is a world champion. How long did it take Roman Reigns, and how much does he get booed for it?

Their situations are obviously separate; Balor having worked for over a decade on other continents, but I just think it would have made more sense for Rollins to carry the top Raw title, since he’s been there before.

As a match it was enjoyable, certainly not the match of the night as I had predicted, but still a good first big battle between these two. With luck they’ll clash again down the line and get better and better. The lack of drama hurt, Balor won after one single Coup De Grace. 75%

Rusev v Roman Reigns – no contest

As a buffer between the main events this worked, putting another full title match in here would exhaust the crowd before Lesnar-Orton. It did drag a little though, for me they took five minutes from another match on the night. Not a lot to rate, the Spear saved it totally dragging and flopping. 50%

Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton 

Well, I find myself in Catch 22 with this one. This match should not have closed the show, but would we have got that same shock from that ending if there was more to come? I’d have a world title match to finish, but they were both lacklustre. 

So we find ourselves – at four o clock in the morning I might add – staring in utter bemusement at Randy Orton with a split head, Lesnar looking like he’d had a look at the script, wasn’t a fan, and decided to spill a puddle of Orton’s brain onto the mat.

The match was Lesnar being Lesnar, Orton hitting an RKO out of painfully obviously not nowhere, and then just beginning to build up some steam before the aforementioned head-splitting. If they had two more minutes of Orton offense, this match could have been up in the high 80s for me.

Was the finish worked? Was Shane supposed to come out and eat an F-5? Whatever the hell happened it made for a must see moment that adds to the Brock Lesnar mystique. What’s the last match you watched that contained bleeding, that didn’t involve Lesnar? 82%

My first reaction after watching was that it was a pretty good show. Having slept on it, Summerslam was really quite average. Cena-Styles was amazing, Lesnar-Orton was compelling, but other than that not much to say. Without having read them, I think I did really well with my predictions this time around. Check them out if you like on my sports page. 


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