(Almost) immediate WrestleMania reactions

WrestleMania is over, I wore a tiara throughout. Let’s talk about it. The show, that is. I feel the headwear accented my shirt wonderfully. Okay now the show. After this…


I honestly can’t remember the first match. Five hours is a long time. Speaking of which, it’s 6am and I still can’t sleep so I’m going to write some things.

Quick caveat on everything from here on in: it’s my opinion. If I say something wasn’t right or was brilliant, just put ‘in my opinion’ at the end of it, I’m not typing it out 800 times. 6am.

Oh it was the ladder match! That was quite good, Ryder popping up and winning was a great twist I didn’t see coming at all.

Jericho v Styles was my match of the night, as I thought it might be. Brilliant, wasn’t sure why Jericho got the win but looking back he is still Chris Jericho, he should still win quite a lot.

I had no interest in the tag match, luckily I was sat back down in time to be knocked speechless by Shawn Michaels’ music. Then Foley’s. Then Austin’s! Then they all danced with The New Day and I can’t decide if it was even worth having them for that. I think it was though.

Ambrose v Lesnar was good, but felt like it ended way too soon and too abruptly. It was building really well and then an F5 and then over. Hmm. Don’t even get me started on a chainsaw being part of any of that match, or WWE, A PG WRESTLING SHOW.

The Women’s title looks fine, I prefer the old Women’s belt but any toddler’s doodle would be better than that butterfly belt. Good that it’s being put on a par with the men’s title though. Match was also great, the ending not so much.

Shaq. Good. Battle Royal done.

Undertaker v Shane-O-Mac was bang average, and honestly pretty boring. I didn’t expect much more to be honest. Then Shane jumped off the cell and I forgot everything else that has happened this week. Except legends dancing. Just kick them all HBK!

Main event was meh. Triple H’s entrance was so underwhelming, which is acceptable as he is the bad guy in this feud but still, meh. Steph’s speech before it was pretty excellent though.

The match again was okay, really good in places. It was just so obvious that Reigns would win and the fans did not agree with this, but he put on another good match. Maybe one day he’ll be accepted.

So the Wyatts did appear. They got squashed and ridiculed by The Rock, and then John Cena came back and helped to crush them further. However, they got mic time with one of the biggest stars ever, and a small amount of ring time with two of them. Let’s just hope it leads somewhere they can benefit from, cough cough Brock Lesnar cough cough what the hell ever happened to that angle cough cough cough.

All in all it was a good WrestleMania. Not great, not awful, just not particularly memorable I don’t think. Shane MacMahon has given me the only memory I’ll probably take from the whole show. Just a couple of tweaks to the finishes and the match times and I’d have been a lot happier.

Well I saw HBK and Bray Wyatt, which was what I was after. I felt like the Wyatt segment was a total waste of time to get Cena back in alongside Rocky for some cheers, but if it ends up leading to a big time feud they actually win it will be well worth it.

That’s about it for now, this has made me sleepy. It’s now 6:15am, for all my thoughts as they happened check my Twitter. It should be right next to this post at the top of my page.

A chainsaw. Who believes that on a live television show, a pg television show, that a chainsaw would be used in a fight? I know we suspend a LOT of logic when it comes to wrestling, but that was just too much for me.

Have a nice day, bang bang!  – Cactus Jack


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