Deadpool: awesome!

I’ve literally just got in from watching Deadpool and eating pizza thanks to Emerald treating me lots for my birthday.

Spoilers incoming, I guess. I mean, it’s two hours of violence and swearing and boobs and penis jokes, does plot really matter here? Sort of, but not really.

If there are any typos please do keep any corrections until the morning when I can bothered to do something about them. I run a professional blogging service here don’t you know.

Okay, so it’s more like word vomit and every thought I have goes straight onto the page in the order they leave my brain, rather than the order they probably should go in. Who wants to be like everyone else though?

Enjoy my disjointed ramblings, I’m going to bed.

I had high hopes for Deadpool, and it was brilliant. Twenty minutes in I wanted the DVD.

I expected it to be an 18, but the 15 rating doesn’t detract from the blood and swearing and insults, so that didn’t make too much of a difference.

The main character is the main reason to watch this movie. Ryan Reynolds plays him in such a breezy, sarcastic, laid back way that really speaks to me somehow…

The fact that it turns into a bit of a love story save-the-girl-from-bad-guy thing seems a little contradictory to the rest of the film, which sets out to be the least Marvel Marvel film ever, but pretty much everything that comes before it is gold.

Apart from the rest of the boring lovey bits, although the first flashback gives more depth and character development in ten minutes than the rest of Marvel’s big budget action fests.

The inherent anti-hero attitude is what worked for Stone Cold Steve Austin (old 90s wrestling reference). While it is really weird to see him being all despondent and emotional in patches, it kinda works until the last cliché at the end. It is hard to imagine a guy who constantly jokes about dicks (not a complaint) being crushed and heartbroken though. Back to talking about Deadpool here, not Stone Cold.

Deadpool’s sidekicks are just kind of there. They don’t offer a lot, other than Deadpool breaking his everythings on Colossus and his metal testicles. Next to the charisma and style of Deadpool, his two allies just seem out of place. Having said that, there are so many little fourth wall jokes; the studio being priced out of more X-Men for the movie, a Weapon XI action figure from Origins: Wolverine, and so on, it makes it worth having them around.

So yeah, I’d give the film a solid 9, probably level with Guardians on my list of Marvel offerings. The infallibility of the lead hero – used loosely – and villain could make the fight scenes a little futile, but the way those scenes are shot make them some of the most fun sequences in the whole thing. The freeze frames and slow motion, along with the regular fourth wall breaking and jabs at Hugh Jackman are all just my favourite.

Speaking of fun sequences, the opening credits are wonderfully playful, and are actually returned to as a separate scene later on.

That’s pretty much all I either enjoyed or care about right now as I’m quite sleepy, so headlines are as follows: Ryan Reynolds has finally found the Marvel character he’s born to play.
The kiss the girl foil the bad guy bit is way overplayed, as this film references itself in the opening scene. Bit hypocritical, and my only real negative here.
Some of Deadpool’s reactions and general silliness: totally hilarious.
Triple kill headshot. This is why Wolverine should have been a 15. At least.

Loved it, go see it.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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