Sons of Anarchy – Spoiler FREE!

Only took me nine months from the series finishing to me watching the last episode, but I finally finished Sons of Anarchy.

I started watching it on Netflix a good year or three ago, whenever it was I first had Netflix. It may have had something to do with the two leather jackets I bought last year, but since I have no money and live in England there’s no chance of a Harley appearing on my driveway soon. Not ever ruling it out though.

I’m fairly certain this is one of two non-sitcoms that I’ve managed to get all the way through, the other being the two seasons of True Detective that have been released so far. One of which I don’t really remember much about, thank you Bell’s and Mark.

This show was awesome. It’s about bikers, and has Hellboy in it. I love looking, however Hollywood-ified it is, at what it’s like to be in a motorcycle club. Living vicariously and all that.

Since season 7 – the final one – is the only one I’ve watched in full recently it’s the only one I remember in full. Emerald is currently working her way through the series though, so she’s refreshing me on what’s been going on. But this is the spoiler free version anyway, so it doesn’t matter!

So a nice, short, spoilerless review. Keepin’ it short today.

Seasons one and two were amazing. The MC evolves constantly, plenty of twists and I got the feeling that just about anything could happen at any point. Those tense moments and shattering, devastating scenes made the show incredible in its early years.

Sons was never quite as good for me after series three or so. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved it and wanted to keep watching, but it seemed to lose some of its shock value as the series went on. There were so many things going on I honestly ignored some of it, rather than rewinding or reading up on what was actually happening.

The relationships with the IRA, other SOA charters and rival gangs are all interesting enough, and really give enough different angles to keep the show feeling fresh after seven seasons, but sometimes it all just came together in a bit of a bloody mess. Presumably bang on what Sutter was going for.

Can I just take a moment to point out that my phone no longer has a :L emoticon? I also somehow feel really old still calling them emoticons, despite the fact I’m young enough to know the word emoticon. But what if I need to show how laughing I am with a little yellow face? I miss MSN Messenger.

I came back to the show with three episodes of season six left, and then the 13 episodes of season seven. They were, intense. And insane. Like, they were so crazy they made me question my memory of what I’d watched before that point, which seemed like it had a cool, chill, ‘occasionally kill people but we have such a close bond and such manly biker bants that’s it’s kinda hilarious’ vibe to it. Most of the time.

I don’t exactly know whether I should put my reaction to the last scene on here, even without describing it. Just in case. All I’ll say is, with fifteen minutes to go I wasn’t sure what I was going to be feeling about it. Fifteen minutes later, I feeled. I feeled feelings.

The one thing I will mention about the finale is the music. All the way through the series the soundtrack has been amazing, and season seven was probably my favourite for music on offer. There’s some cool hip hop/soft rock, and punk cover of a love song – for a car chase, obviously – and the final song we hear right at the end.

I’ve seen a couple of reviews talk about the musical montages being overly leaned on throughout the later seasons, and on some occasions I agree that the scene that precedes would be a much tighter, snappier ending. But they get it right more often than not, and when they do it’s glorious, whoever they are.

It’s the last one though, the last song from The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers, that really just clicks so well. It plays over the top of not quite a montage, more one central, cascading river, every now and then splitting to a off-shooting stream, always returning to the river just before it enters the sea.

There, a nice, deep, meaningless prose to end it on. Would be perfect if I hadn’t kept on writing.

I’ll embed a bunch of my favourite songs into my next SOA post I think.

There have been a few times where I thought SOA had seen better days, that maybe it dragged itself out a little too long. That goes down, in my opinion, to the extended runtimes it had in the last couple of seasons.

That final season though, series finale in particular, was brilliant, because everything and everyone changed from the pilot, yet everything was somehow so familiar. I cared so much about so many. Also Chibs. I want a Chibs prequel on his personal relationship with the IRA or how long he had been involved with the Sons or which is his favourite pattern of tartan. Just anything for more Chibs please.

This was not short.

Emerald is working her way through season four at the minute, might have finished it as we type. Once she’s all done with it I’ll post my spoiler filled version, just in case she clicks it accidentally and then I get in trouble. Noone else can make me be in trouble I’m afraid so if you click on it by accident when it does go up I’m sorry, but it did finish nearly a year ago.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack



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