Summerslam results! Darren vs Emerald

If anyone hasn’t heard, last week I teamed up with Emerald to have a little Summerslam competition. Well, it’s time to see who won!

This hopefully won’t be as achingly wordy as the prediction post, so I’ll save thoughts on the matches and event as a whole for during/after.

Right then, let’s jump straight in!

Sheamus def. Randy Orton (DH 0-0 EM)

Good start, so the whole ‘Sheamus will lose and cash in’ plan was out the window before half 11. Also Emerald predicted an announce table breaking for this match – albeit before we knew it was on first.

The New Day def. Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores (0-0)

Meh, tag teams. Dudley Boys are back though! Sad PTP lost. Next!

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev ended double countout (0-0)

I probably should’ve predicted that these predictions would go badly. Also this match, ending especially, was just unexciting.

Stephen Amell & Neville def. Stardust & King Barrett (1-0)

I got one right! I thought the celebrity had to win, but what a performance by Arrow person! Doing kicks and jumping and stuff.

Ryback (c) def. Big Show & Miz (2-1)

To be honest I was outside for the first half of this match, but it looked a fun little filler match that didn’t exploit Show and Ryback’s flaws. Everyone came out looking pretty good.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper (2-2)

Emerald pegs me back, sadly. Not happy about the finish, Reigns got an even harsher reception than usual for some reason, but I definitely think if Reigns & Ambrose were going to win they had to be pinning Harper, not Wyatt.

Seth Rollins (c) def. John Cena (c) (2-3)

Well I could not have been more wrong, so despite Emerald’s unhappiness at picking Rollins she was right. New double champ though! Exciting, I shall see if he still has both titles at whatever the next PPV is.

Team PCB def. Team Bella & Team B.A.D. (3-4)

Slightly above the standard Diva match. Wrestling quality is way better, still failing to care.

Kevin Owens def. Cesaro (4-4)

The penultimate match, and I bring it back! This was probably my favourite match wrestling wise, but like the Diva match it didn’t feel like it had any emotion to it.

Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar (4-5)

Aaaaand, my ridiculous decision to throw a Lesnar curveball in lost me our first blog-related wrestling post. Yes. Although, TECHNICALLY, Taker tapped out (!!!) so Lesnar should’ve won. The whole ending made a great match into a bit of a farce, until Lesnar flipped off Taker and passed out.


Winner: Emerald!

Undertaker’s laugh. Just had to say that. Lesnar-Undertaker, Cena-Rollins and Owens- Cesaro were my favourite matches, in that order, Shield-Wyatt coming in just behind them.

Cool, all done. Still really late but earlier than the Wrestlemania one!

I’ll see if Emerald wants to add anything here, until then I may even get another post fired on here today.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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