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While I have a few minutes when I’m actually on my laptop, without being sat waiting for it to back up all my damn files while being incapable of doing anything else simultaneously, I thought I’d write a little bit about the first couple weeks of the new FOOTBALL SEASON. Cue all the people who normally read my blog to immediately tune out since I don’t think many of them like football. If you don’t like football and did get this far, what you still doing here? It says right there in the title, I’m surprised you even clicked on this. Maybe the ‘mainly’ in there enticed you, so I’ll make it worth your while. Maybe. If you are here for the stuff that isn’t mainly, which include ramblings and sentence long TV reviews, scroll away down to the bottom.

So a few brief thoughts on the new season, plus a couple of things and stuff that haven’t really fit in to any other post I’ve done recently. Surprisingly most of them do have some kind of theme or point to them.

Firstly, Manchester United and Carlisle United are my two teams, so yes yes glory supporter yes my family have always followed them and some of them lived out there while I was growing up oh don’t matter ur a armchair fan u never been to a game okay I’ve followed them and supported them all my life and yes I do go to games when I can so silence, most of you that say that to me are Liverpool fans FROM CARLISLE.

That went better than I anticipated.

I’ve watched the first two Premier League games of United’s, and have been very pleased by the massive improvement in defence since last year. Shaw looks like he’s back to his Southampton best, Smalling continues to develop into the top centre back we’ve been needing since Vida left, and Darmian looks like the signing of the summer.

Of course it’s been two games and of course we won’t be keeping clean sheets all season, but Romero hasn’t done a lot wrong either and Blind won himself a MOTM in defence against Villa. If and when David de Gea leaves, though, I will be devastated. Always supported that man from his first awful season with us.

But yes, obviously we can’t rely on 1-0 wins all season, and will probably have three of that back four injured by Christmas, but signs are good there. Morgan Schneiderlin looks a hell of a buy in there as well, as despite my doubts van Gaal went and picked him up anyway, without even asking me. Rude.

Going forward we’ll be fine, Memphis will settle in Rooney will start scoring Mata is attractive and all will be well. Top two for us this season, if not better. And an FA Cup please, it’s been too long!

I tragically missed Carlisle’s 4-4 on Saturday because I was working, which will continue over the next three home games at least I believe. Having said that I just realised I had this Saturday’s shift cut so I can go to the Wimbledon game!

From what I gathered from a friend of mine – called Dom, or something, better text him about this weekend actually – we were great going forward, which backs up what I saw Tuesday night. Hopeful about our chances for the first time in many years, thinking about the top half or playoffs even…

We have a couple of nice looking centre mids, who seem to actually want the ball instead of screaming and running away from it, a decent couple of goalscorers and some decent depth (for League Two). We came out of that cup game Tuesday thinking we had a chance of seeing some entertaining, winning football at Brunton Park for the first time in a while.

Couple more stray thoughts, Stoke’s frontline is amazing and I would not be surprised if they finished fifth or higher this season, putting that out there, no doubt straight onto my list of terrible predictions. Liking Ranieri at Leicester too, and Giroud is still my boy.

I will put that predicted table from last season on here and see just how badly I did soon, just jogged my brain.

This may be the last post I ever write on this laptop, as it’s so old and temperamental I am thinking I’ll install Windows 10 onto it soon, which may tip it over the edge or save it, who knows. I’m a gambling man.

Speaking of gambling (sexy segue), my first two bets of the season did not come in. Make a mental note that from now until May any post about any topic has a chance of these kind of complaints being included.

True Detective finished AMAZINGLY! Colin Farrell’s moustache kind of made a return, and a bunch of stuff happened and it was crazy and oh my goodness I am excited. Gonna try and finish Sons of Anarchy next, especially since Emerald’s started it and I’ve been on Season 6 for about a year now.

I also need more money from somewhere, so if someone wants to pay me to write this shit for them I’ll gladly accept cash through the mail in an otherwise unmarked brown paper envelope. In fact, just send me cash through the mail in an otherwise unmarked brown paper envelope.

Summerslam is next week and Leeds fest the week after, so if anyone likes those things, well that’s good.

Guess I should find a neat way to tie up this post now.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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