Festival Season 2015! #2: Download Festival

Another day, another festival.

Gotta just say at this point, True Detective season two is getting goooooood. First episode was a bit slow but it’s really gearing up now. Two episodes left for me to watch and I’ll be gutted when it’s finished. I miss Colin Farrell’s moustache.

Also they’re watching Friends on the show right now, so it’s just gone up again in my opinion.

Leeds is approaching, and after that I think I have three gigs with Emerald to go to plus a week off in October, so hopefully that’ll give me enough to write about for now. I had another story idea yesterday too so once that’s done it’ll go on here, as well as the other one I wrote last year.

Download Festival: 10.06.15-15.06.15

Wednesday was traumatic. We (Lydia, Emerald and I) set off at 6am, I think, and I had a couple of dizzy and vomiting spells on the way, which was fun. No drink or anything, just head failure. Then the queue took about three hours, since I delayed us by about an hour. My bad.

After all that carry on, plus an added hour trying to fit our tents into a space, we were all set up. Oh and we had a great fat sack truck stacked with crates of beer and coke, which needed two trips to get it all into the site.

But a good four hours or so after we arrived, eight or nine since we set off, we were in and camped and happy. We then found out at some point through that day that Ashley and Alex, some other festival going friends, had broken down right outside the car park and had to get a tow to a garage and a taxi back to Download. So, naturally I laughed my head off for a while and then we found them camped right next to us, so spent most of the week hanging out with them.

Thursday, to my terrible recollection, was a lovely chilled day. The sun was out, we had relatively cool cans of Fosters and Coke, and drinking horns to have Jack Daniels in. There will probably be a few glimpses of horn in the documentary Emerald has up on her YouTube channel, I will space each part out along this post.

Watching the second part of this documentary has brought me no closer to knowing what we did on each day, but I do now remember a man in a Speedo breaking the news of ‘Dr Lord Sir’ Christopher Lee’s passing to us while we were sat outside the tent.

I’m almost sure that was the Friday, because then I went with Emerald to watch Lord of the Rings at the cinema tent to remember him. This might have been Thursday now that I think about it because on Friday we were watching Slipknot. Never mind, it was all very emotional.

Think Thursday was also the day we went for some shisha too, was my first try of it. Went for strawberry, tasted like strawberry, so that was nice.

Friday Saturday Sunday we did some bands and stuff. Slipknot as mentioned, A Day To Remember played Champagne Supernova and it was epic, Slash was awesome and is fitter than I am at whatever age he is now, Motley Crue looked awesome but sounded so bad we couldn’t tell the songs apart, due to some problems with the speakers we believe. A steward we ran into on the way back told us it must be Gene Simmons messing up their sound on purpose…

We saw a little of Bodycount, a little of Dragonforce feat. Babymetal, and I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting. ‘We’ is Emerald and I, the two of us didn’t go to the arena with anyone else at any point.

It rained pretty solidly between Slipknot coming on to headline Friday and going to bed on Saturday, but other than that the weather was good. Food was good, noodles and toasties and burgers and tea. In the times between bands and when it was raining we had a lot of time in and around the tent, with some new friends that we made by shouting quotes from Archer and Burnt Face Man at.

These videos will probably do a better job of describing our week than a lot of my writing, so watch these as well! I’ve watched most of them, I just don’t like my face or voice on camera.

On Saturday (Sunday?) night, Ross Gellar was vandalised! We got up in the morning and realised someone had come and drawn things on him and I was very upset. Ross was our tent mascot for the week, inspired by an outtake of Friends where Matt LeBlanc tapes a headshot of David Schwimmer to his boxers for a take.

That is also why I came out of the tent with him taped to my boxers, in case anyone was wondering. Anyone who got it from that blooper reel on the DVD, hooray! We can be friends, pun partially intended.

So anyway, we had a few drinks, saw a few bands, had some good weather and we also went up on the ferris wheel on the Sunday, that had a nice view. It also went round a little faster than I expected.

I love camping though, that was the first time I’d camped anywhere since Leeds Festival 2012, so it was very fun for me. I used to go a lot with friends or Scouts, so it was nice to get back out and be able to sit and chill outside for large portions of the day.

Mentioned a few times in the documentary is the fact that Ashley and Alex relied quite heavily on suncream provided by Emerald and myself. It has just come to my attention that it is now August, and my thighs still haven’t fully healed from the burning they took from the sun that week. I could feel heat coming off them from a couple of inches above my leg.

Don’t let Emerald’s words fool you in that last video, it was ME who brought the aftersun. I saved the day. Of course, if I hadn’t brought it she would have, but I’d like it to be known that I contributed to the sensible.

Having said that, I still have that really white tan line around my ankles, it looks like I’ve taken someone else’s feet and attached them to my tanned legs.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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