Ten questions with Emerald

Well last night I suggested to Emerald that we do my Summerslam prediction post together to add a little competition to the guessing.

After a slight bit of research we discovered only one match had been announced, Lesnar v Undertaker.

So instead we decided to ask each other some questions and post each other’s answers on each other’s blog. This intro is being polished off on my phone, but I’ll link to her page/post later on. So here we go!

What is my favourite music?

“Your favourite music? Blink 182, punk goes pop, or is it pop goes punk? and Green Day, and Taylor Swift. But when alternative bands cover popular chart music that’s your fav. In your last life you really really liked the haka though. That’s got music with it hasn’t it?”

What is the first thing you noticed about me?

“The drunk time or the sober time? whichever one was first. Probably the drunk time but I didnt speak to you much then, the sober time i can fully remember. I remember that you were really tall, and that you had a nice smile, AND I REALLY LIKED YOUR CURLY HAIR (excitedly).”

What is one talent I have?

“You’re a good writer, you’re a good driver, and you’re really really funny, you always make me laugh.”

Do I have any weird obsessions?

“Taylor Swift. That’s weird enough. It’s not weird that you like her, it’s weird how much you like her. Why? Because she doesnt fit in with the rest of the things that you like, and I think if you met her in real life she’s not the type of person you’d get along with. She seems really boring. Like a wet paper bag, just a bit mushy, not much substance. Why do i have to be careful? Is Taylor Swift following your blog? Is she gonna write a song about me because of one time when I dissed her? She probably would, it’s Taylor Swift. (laughs)”

Who wears the pants?

“I don’t think either of us do. I think that, I have more ideas and opinions on things, but then nine times out of ten you agree with me anyway, and when you don’t agree with me, we just work it out anyway. We’re good at compromising!”

What do we argue about the most?

“Taylor Swift. (laughs again). Wrestling, and my heritage.”

If you could be any animal what animal would you be?

-long pause- (not her characters name) “It’s so hard to choose just oneeeee, cos I’d like to be able to fly, but I don’t want to be a bird, and I’d like to be an otter because they sleep holding hands, but I don’t like water. I think I think a monkey like a squirrel monkey because they’re really little but they can climb really high and I like to climb. The animal that I’d least like to be would be one of those fish that eats peoples feet. I just wanted to get that out there.”

Describe yourself in a film/song title.

“You do realise these questions were supposed to be about you right?” Yes. “And you just decided not to do that?” Yes. -long pause- “Can i have two? No I don’t need two. Erm… ermm erm.”

-five minutes later-

“Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle. Just cos it’s really wordy and unnecessary.”

If I was an animal what would I be?

“I’ve told you this before, you’d be a puppy, like a dog that still thinks it’s a puppy, like a very lolloppy dog, one that their tongue hangs out all the time, not because they need to but because they’re too happy to put it back in. And you wouldn’t chase anything you’d just be chilled. And you’d always want your belly rubbed.”

Pick your dream six-band festival day. For both of us.

“Sigh. Oasis. Fall Out Boy. Can they be dead? Not at the show, can I pick people that are dead now?” Yes. “Yes. Not sure if I’m going to pick someone that’s dead, just checking. Slipknot. There’s a moth in the room. Oh it’s unnerving. -gets distracted and yawns- How many am I on, three?”

-another five minutes later-

“Nirvana. Prodigy. Aaand, see I was going to pick three bands I like and three you like but then I tried to do six bands we both like, otherwise I’d put Taylor Swift on it for you. Linkin Park!”

And there we are, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable hour and a half and we will have to do more stuff like this, maybe here maybe YouTube, who knows!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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