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Post-birthday post

On the 7th I had a meal and a night out with my fabulous work buddies, on the 8th I had a family meal at a really nice hotel and saw some alpacas, and today, the 10th, I’m waiting to be picked up for another meal to celebrate my birthday. As for my actual birthday, the 9th was a pretty empty day.

So as I sat in bed hoping someone was free at 9:30pm (they weren’t) I ended up thinking about what I could do with the next few years. Turns out there are a few new things I’d like to do before I hit 25, so I made a list. Everyone likes lists.

  • Get to more gigs. This was the main point, the start of the list. I’m currently sat on 20 gigs after I went to see Slipknot last month, not including festivals. I’d like to get that up to 25 by the end of the year, but it depends on which bands are touring that remain on my list, as seen below. I accept that gigs like Oasis and Guns N Roses are a little less likely to happen than some of the newer people on that list, but I still have plenty of options.
Taylor Swift being the obvious first choice.

Taylor Swift being the obvious first choice.

  • Go see an international sports match. With the Six Nations back on and rugby and cricket World Cups coming up I’d love to go and see an international game of some kind. Preferably England, preferably football or cricket, but with the football World Cup in France next year I’m thinking something might happen for that. I’m gonna lump in see a football match in a foreign stadium to this one, because noone wants to read boring sports talk for two whole bullet points.
  • Oktoberfest. Fingers crossed for this year, since I’ve always wanted to go out to Germany somewhere and get involved in Oktoberfest. It just seems like such a cool fun thing to do, totally carefree. Sounds like a perfect match for me. Plus beer.
  • Travel. Kinda linked to the previous point, but I plan on going to many places and seeing many things in my life. Vietnam, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and New Zealand are top of the travel diary right now. Ideally, I’d have enough money to buy a VW camper and just drive around Europe discovering everything ever.
  • Watch a Grand Slam match live. Oops, may have lied about keeping all the sport to one bullet point… Anyway, tennis is one of my favourite sports and I love the Grand Slam seasons, currently gearing up towards the French after more Murray disappointment in Australia. Obviously, Roland Garros and Wimbledon are the two more likely Slams I’ll be going to, since they’re both on the same continent as me.
  • See Slipknot again. This is basically a way of sliding in the videos of mine from Slipknot’s gig in Glasgow a few weeks ago, but I really would like to go back and see them with standing tickets. The sheer energy and crowd involvement and just the show as a whole was epic. Vids are (hopefully) below. Volume may need turned up as for some reason the sound is pretty quiet.

  • More tattoos! A very long standing objective of mine, there always seems to be something that I’d rather spend my money on. Still, I’ve dreamed up a couple more designs so hopefully when I crawl out of my overdraft I can go ahead and spend my way straight back into it. I’d also like plugs or snakebites before I get too old..
  • Write at least one full length story/novel. A nice challenging one, I’d love to turn one of the many ideas or short stories I have lying around into a proper, full book like what grown ups write. Maybe I’ll write one about superheroes so I can make enough money from film rights to do everything else on this list.

Hopefully I’ll be away to Slam Dunk Festival this year, which will knock off some of those bands. Hopefully also I can cross off all those bands in four years, to make way for the next list I’ll have no doubt assembled.

So by my next major milestone I will have each of these checked off in some form or other. No idea when I’ll be back on here to post again, maybe when I do one of these! Or something else exciting happens to me. Til then..

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack