Sleeeeeeepy blogger

I am bored and tired and am feeling super unproductive. Since the story ideas need more brain power than I can currently provide I’m going to splurge my thoughts onto this nicely dormant page until Match of the Day comes on.

Another reason for this is that I have finally got a replacement charger for my laptop after a few weeks, which has already started getting about eight times hotter than before. I have just realised that I can also now finally put the new Gaslight Anthem CD onto my iPod! Hooray. I’ve listened to it about 11 times through in the car and fancied getting a full album review type thing up on here. So I will be doing that soon to keep the inner journalist happy, channeling my Arts Reviewing module and all that.

What else has happened to me lately.. Got dragged out of bed and into work today and walked out with a free donut and Fanta, so that was waaaay worth it. Also got Slipknot tickets for January! No standing available but seating will do nicely, Ashley and I are old beyond our years and just want to ‘enjoy the music’ like the pair of 20-somethings we are. Pretty sure the album’s out tomorrow as well so will be picking that up after work.

Couple of firsts for me this week also, I saw a dog do a genuine absolute backflip and it was glorious. So much better than one of those crappy robot dogs. I also saw a lady breastfeeding in public while just chatting away to her friend in Waterstone’s Costa. Was a bit odd, mainly because I couldn’t see the baby’s head for a while and got a bit worried.

Anyway that’s about it for now. Gaslight Anthem might go up Wednesday, the one day I’m not working one place or another. My short story will be being judged in November so then I shall put it up for everyone to judge, not too meanly though please guys.

So until I am recovered from tomorrow’s 6am start…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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