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Pistorius and Juice Plus+… I have some range.

Hello all, I’ve written this totally back to front so bear with me. The second part of this post was written last night while I was thinking about healthy life and stuff. The gym is a depressing place for weedy little lanks like me.

Last night I was bored but didn’t really have a theme to slap my thoughts on the end of, but now I’m sat watching a classic episode of Spongebob Squarepants having caught up with the elephant of a story that is the Oscar Pistorius sentencing from this morning.


Baby elephants are among my favourite ever things

I was filled in on the news on the way back from work, and have to say a five year sentence for culpable homicide was totally not was I was expecting. I was sure it was either Pistorius would be given the full maximum 15 years that the crime carries, or else be given a slap on the wrist and set up with a sweet probation/community service order due to his disability and whatnot.

I have to confess that I’m not an expert in the South African legal system, or indeed any legal system. So this is just me giving my opinion on this. I found out today that the prosecution were trying for 10 years, and their guess on how much time he serves is about two years in prison and three on house arrest. The defence think he’ll be out in 10 months.

It just seems like such an anti-climax. Not that the decision should be like the final episode of a TV series, but still. I wonder what it was like in America when the OJ Simpson verdict was given; absolute madness is what I’m guessing. It’s a good thing that kind of controversy has been avoided, but those looking at him to be put away for a long time (a few of my friends included) will be disappointed. A lot of people seem to know he murdered his girlfriend, which I find impossible to believe quite honestly, since shooting through a bathroom door to kill her could not be planned. Premeditated I think not.

In the end I don’t know why he didn’t check to see if Reeva was still in the bed, why he didn’t call out to her or anything like that. I do think between 10 months and two years in prison is not enough for killing another person, but who knows. If he does serve five it may be enough.

What I think is most interesting is the fact that his ‘house arrest’ can still allow him to travel and train, meaning that his athletics career might not be over. Imagine him running at the next Paralympics, through some daft loophole or something. It would take some bravery to step back into a stadium full of people who want you executed.

Baby elephant is not enjoying the changing tone of this blog

Baby elephant is not enjoying the changing tone of this blog

Quick note on that topic about Ched Evans, who got out of prison a few days ago and is vilified in the public, here in England at least. A footballer convicted of rape, Evans has attracted a pretty enormous petition from fans calling his last club, Sheffield United, to ban him from playing again. On this story I just think hey, he’s served his time, the details on the actual rape have been somewhat sketchy, and while it will be hard for anyone in any walk of life to get another job after this kind of scenario, it doesn’t make it right to blacklist people for it. Isn’t the point of prison to allow people to repay a debt to society? If not we might as well just leave everyone in there forever.

After all that grimness I shall reference the last part of my title up there. My girlfriend has been working with Juice Plus+ for a few months now, and her team have just got themselves a website and group and all that fun stuff put up on the webs. The Facebook page for their new group ‘The Formula’ is here and the website (not currently working) is here. At time of writing this (midnight of the 20th) this lil support group already has nearly 250 likes, so doesn’t seem to need my teeny traffic, but hey, it all helps.

I’ve seen lots of people on Facebook and other forum type sites having a right old tiff with Juice Plus+, but can’t really seem to figure out why. My biggest concern with it is the fact that it has two pluses. I read it as ‘Juice Plus Plus’, but maybe that’s just me.

But yeah, many people have said things like ‘oh, it’s just a lazy way of losing weight’ and ‘it’s such a waste of money, why don’t you just buy vegetables?’ While I’m not the person to answer these criticisms – go ask Jess or one of her team people on the Facebook page – all I can say is that I’ve seen first hand what a difference being on this healthy eating plan has done for Jess, her mum and a couple others. They’re eating better, feeling better and either losing fat or putting on muscle, both of which are of interest to myself.

I shall be trying this out when I have the funds to do so, so I might put up a couple of posts explaining to people like me, who are uninterested in the science of it all, how I get on. I’m not fully into the whole science behind it (another plug to go look at the page) but it gets results and that’s what I’m after.

Anyway, that just turned into a rather long, very praise filled advert. Oops, I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon. Makes a nice change from the super serious start. I have some cool things I would very much like to buy and show people, if you could all read all my posts in the next few hours the WordPress guys might start auctioning off ad space on here so I can afford nice things.

This week is work, work, watching men fit radiators, work, work and working out, but I’ll try not to let this page slip into another digital coma. Gaslight Anthem review coming soon! Sorry about the massively different topics going on, please nobody associate Juice Plus with rapists or murderers, or think that if you sign up for The Formula that you’ll be sent to prison for life. Me and baby elephant won’t let it happen.


Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


Sleeeeeeepy blogger

I am bored and tired and am feeling super unproductive. Since the story ideas need more brain power than I can currently provide I’m going to splurge my thoughts onto this nicely dormant page until Match of the Day comes on.

Another reason for this is that I have finally got a replacement charger for my laptop after a few weeks, which has already started getting about eight times hotter than before. I have just realised that I can also now finally put the new Gaslight Anthem CD onto my iPod! Hooray. I’ve listened to it about 11 times through in the car and fancied getting a full album review type thing up on here. So I will be doing that soon to keep the inner journalist happy, channeling my Arts Reviewing module and all that.

What else has happened to me lately.. Got dragged out of bed and into work today and walked out with a free donut and Fanta, so that was waaaay worth it. Also got Slipknot tickets for January! No standing available but seating will do nicely, Ashley and I are old beyond our years and just want to ‘enjoy the music’ like the pair of 20-somethings we are. Pretty sure the album’s out tomorrow as well so will be picking that up after work.

Couple of firsts for me this week also, I saw a dog do a genuine absolute backflip and it was glorious. So much better than one of those crappy robot dogs. I also saw a lady breastfeeding in public while just chatting away to her friend in Waterstone’s Costa. Was a bit odd, mainly because I couldn’t see the baby’s head for a while and got a bit worried.

Anyway that’s about it for now. Gaslight Anthem might go up Wednesday, the one day I’m not working one place or another. My short story will be being judged in November so then I shall put it up for everyone to judge, not too meanly though please guys.

So until I am recovered from tomorrow’s 6am start…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack