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Update on new direction, terrifying/exciting times!

To any and all of my remaining followers, I am terribly sorry for neglecting this page for so long, and after an ill-fated comeback this might well be the last thing I ever post here.

Quick update on how I’ve been since my last post, I’ve just got a job and have decided after one day that I don’t want to be doing something that sucks for the rest of my life. However, the good news of this means that I will be attempting to move into writing; as I type this I am also working on a crime short story for an upcoming competition.

Because I have no idea how to go about getting into this career I’ll probably be bombarding people with my work over every form of social media I can, including a new blog space just for short stories and novel chapters and lovely things of that nature.

So I’ll either be dropping this blog or using it mainly as a tool for advertising and testing out stuff to get reactions. I’ll try and keep getting some exciting newsy opinion blog stuff on as well, but it would be a lot less frequent than it was back when I was getting posts up more than once a week.

It will annoy me if I end on such an awkward number of posts like 103 or whatever I’m onto now, so the more I think about it the more I think keeping this going would be a good idea, anything to increase readership!

Farewell for now, the deadline for the crime competition is 29.08.14, and as work already published somewhere can’t be entered I’ll be keeping it back just to be safe. The prologue to my novel idea has been coming on well though, so that might be up on here soon!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack