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Real life is hard

Today I walked a dog, laid around watching tennis, went to the pub to eat an eighteen inch hot dog and two plates of sweet potato fries (demolished it all in the most wonderful 45 minutes), watched some football, went for a run and had a fight with the shower when I returned.

Sounds awfully taxing indeed, the life of a real adult person.

That shower though, it’s been ‘fixed’ to the point where the coldest temperature it runs is mildly scolding, and the screws appear to have been fused to the plastic with some kind of Sith-level hatred. I tried to trick it by turning it all the way down and then right back up, but it got me in the end.

So now after my busy day I’m sat unable to sleep until I finish this, I feel guilty for leaving the blog alone for weeks after just coming back with some characteristically poor football predictions. As I type a moth just spiraled down from my light in a big panic and landed on the floor. Hope it’s not dead.

But the heaps of free time to do all kinds of stuff is a little less fun when you have no money to do all kinds of stuff. I need a job! Just a job, just some money so I can buy films and books and box sets and Oreos and clothes and bills and moving out.

Ah moving out. A distant and hopeful dream. I might need to send out another 30 applications before I get anything, which means remaining at mother’s house for the foreseeable future where most of my stress resides.

It just did it again! I have no sympathy for this moth anymore.

Living at home is so much worse once you’ve lived away for three years, and I am not a fan of these rules, endless questions, quiet night times and so on.

I could elaborate, and I should write something more interesting and entertaining, but it’s going on 2am and I am a rather uninteresting (tired) thing.

Also there’s a very sad Scrubs on and I can’t allow another one to start. Maybe the old blog will see some more regular updates now that I’m trying to save money by staying in the house.

My Xbox controller is dead and another Scrubs came on. I’m still done. Resisting the urge for ice cream.

Moths are stupid.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack