Post 100!

Well it took a wee while longer than it should have, since I went something like eight months without even looking at this blog, then got stuck on 98 posts since uni started up again, but I have reached 100 of my daft bits and bobs.

Pretty much all I have to say really…

Since I’ve been back to uni I’ve been down to York twice to see Jess, which was awesome of course, got a tiny bit of work started and became a student rep.

This weekend I’m over to Liverpool, via York since it’s cheaper, so four trains in three days is going to be fun. Looking forward nevertheless.

I’m sure more things have happened, but for now that’s about it. Oh yes, the window in my room is making the most gratingly irritating noise whenever the wind gets up, like air coming out of a balloon.

Jess has managed to get me into both 30 Seconds to Mars and, more recently, The Libertines. Probably be a fan of Abba before long.

On that note, I’m off to watch a Libertines @ Reading Fest 2010 video Jess sent me today, as long as laptop lets Youtube work for another hour.

Nothing special and spectacular for the 100th post I’m afraid, maybe for 200 if and when I ever get there.

On to the next 100!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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