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Post 100!

Well it took a wee while longer than it should have, since I went something like eight months without even looking at this blog, then got stuck on 98 posts since uni started up again, but I have reached 100 of my daft bits and bobs.

Pretty much all I have to say really…

Since I’ve been back to uni I’ve been down to York twice to see Jess, which was awesome of course, got a tiny bit of work started and became a student rep.

This weekend I’m over to Liverpool, via York since it’s cheaper, so four trains in three days is going to be fun. Looking forward nevertheless.

I’m sure more things have happened, but for now that’s about it. Oh yes, the window in my room is making the most gratingly irritating noise whenever the wind gets up, like air coming out of a balloon.

Jess has managed to get me into both 30 Seconds to Mars and, more recently, The Libertines. Probably be a fan of Abba before long.

On that note, I’m off to watch a Libertines @ Reading Fest 2010 video Jess sent me today, as long as laptop lets Youtube work for another hour.

Nothing special and spectacular for the 100th post I’m afraid, maybe for 200 if and when I ever get there.

On to the next 100!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


Sunderland v Man United

There is noone to be seen in my house and I’m sitting by myself in my room, so I might as well write about the football I just went and watched. Going to be lazy and use pictures.

WP_20131005_002This is De Gea about to slash a ball straight up in the air in the first few minutes. We were poor to begin with, we couldn’t keep the ball and the defence was exposed a few times early on. This is the most full I’ve ever seen the SoL.

Sunderland scored not long after that, some diabolical defending from Vidic leading to Gardner tapping in.

WP_20131005_004Apologies for most of these pictures being intruded on by that stupid screen in front of us. This was midway through the first half I believe, and a decent example of the problems we had.

Evra is down by the left touchline, but everyone else is in the width of the box. Januzaj and Nani tucked right in on top of RvP and Rooney and made it too tight.WP_20131005_005The defensive shape was good throughout, we looked solid with crosses and Sunderland’s attempts at knocking it long. Rafael was caught out a couple of times, but he did have Nani in front of him doing his best not to help.

WP_20131005_006This might actually be the build up to the cross put in by Johnson that led to a world class save from De Gea. Giacherrini had a free header, aimed it back into the near corner and De Gea flew across and saved it.

Most of the fans around me thought that one went in, which would have compounded my rubbish day. On to the second half…

WP_20131005_008This is just as Adnan takes a tumble in the box and gets booked for diving. I was too busy taking the picture to get a good look at it, and where I was sitting wasn’t a great angle anyway, so I’ll have to trust the referee on that one.

WP_20131005_009Januzaj made up for his naughty dive a couple of minutes later by steering a beautifully composed finish in from about 14 yards. All through the first half I was thinking how he was probably the best player on the pitch, along with van Persie, that’s not really a shrewd observation anymore. Damn.

WP_20131005_010Crappy picture I know, but I was busy trying to contain myself in the home stand as Januzaj smashed in a brilliant volley as the ball came over heads. Controlled it left footed back across the keeper, will enjoy watching that again.

So there are all the players being very excited over on the wrong side for me.

WP_20131005_015After that it was fairly easy for us, bit of keepball in Sunderland’s half and I got a couple of not too awful SUPER CLOSE UP pictures.

WP_20131005_016Here is an actiony SUPER CLOSE UP picture. RvP’s snapshot on the turn easily dealt with by Westwood.

WP_20131005_017Five minutes of slightly tense stoppage time later – containing Westwood going up for two corners and nearly getting his head on both – the ref blew and I came home to an empty dark house.

It was amazing how quickly the ground emptied with something stupid like 20 minutes to go, but that’s a topic for another time.

Best United player has to be Adnan Januzaj. Looks like we have our first proper left footed left winger since Giggs. I like Januzaj, and he seems a bit more two-footed than Giggs. Plus he wears my number.

Worst United player for me tonight was Nemanja Vidic. Seemed uncomfortable all game, was at fault for their goal and just had one of those nights.

Best Sunderland player was Roberge. Just like Jones for Vidic, he helped O’Shea out a few times and looked at ease dealing with Rooney and RvP.

Worst Sunderland player was probably Jozy Altidore, since I forgot he was even on the pitch for most of the game. Very forgettable.

And there we are. It’s a good job we played the only team without a win in the Prem, or it might have been another blow to the points tally.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack