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My week; sleepover, IKEA & moving in

Short one, having a bored of blog couple of weeks so bear with me.

I also had a bored of life day on Wednesday, so I sat around in my PJs all day. Didn’t really think about this post while I did that, not a lot to say here.

I went and made up for my laziness on Thursday. I went to the gym and washed my car before I had a shower. I went and got mother a birthday card and she took me out to get my last bit of uni stuff.

Friday I had to gym before picking up Dom Emily and Anton. Drove them through to Jess’ and we watched The Hole. Didn’t care for it.

Drove to Carlisle and back on Saturday to drop off the other visitors, then we were little fatties and got a takeaway. I had to drive back through for that, and managed to puncture a tyre, which meant mother had to take us back to Jess’.

Fortunately the car was back at home on Sunday, and mum was cheerier. I came back, showered and that was about it for the day. Oh and later on I packed up everything ready to move back in at uni.

Up and out on Monday morning, picked up Jess and stopped off at IKEA on the way. I’d never been before and it was well fun. I decided kitchens are my favourite room.

Playing spot the Jess here in a little house. The folding chairs on the wall would be useful in case of sudden WWE style battle royals kicking off.


We went out for a Chinese buffet after moving all my stuff in, then we watched Two and a Half Men and were quite cold. Need the radiators fixed in the uni house. Here is my plate of every meat known to man, and it was delicious.


Came back Tuesday, watched England match in a very bored fashion. Had enchiladas and they were very yummy. My under 12 stone mission is going well.

I’m hungry, there’s no food in the house so I’m off to buy bread. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack