My week; Carlisle, United & Jess

Turns out I did do something on Tuesday night, just wasn’t the pub quiz. James and I went to the Carlisle-Leicester match. Safe to say it was another disaster.

Wednesday was a gym morning, so after that I came home and used our slightly new shower, which now works. Jess was at Emily’s house with friends doing a sleepover, so after shower I went and got her and we went to her house for the night.

Once I got back to my house on Thursday I encountered many odd goings on; the hoover was out, there was pre-cooked pies lying around, the car was there but mother was not, and so forth. Turns out her friend had picked her up.

I got a double Wigton week this week as well, as I went back to stay again on the Friday. Tea is always nice there, and we watched 500 Days of Summer (poor with good ending) and Jennifer’s Body (poor and didn’t see ending).

On Saturday I was back home and bored, so I went to town with James and after watching him try on pants we went and watched some football. Came home and watched a bit of cricket too.

Man United v Liverpool on Sunday. I went to Alex’s for the first half, but then he had to leave so I also had to leave to watch the rest. Alex is now off to uni so I shan’t be seeing him for a while. I watched the Arsenal game after that and cheered up a bit.

Monday I had another good gyming – still isn’t making any difference – and then Jess came round. We had a lovely night sat in Bitts Park eating McDonalds and watching transfer deadline day and talking and it was really nice.

Jess left on Tuesday so it wasn’t as good as Monday. I went to the pub with Liam, but then he wanted to go nightclubbing, so I called it a day and went home at about half 10-11ish. Took me ages to get home and my phone died on the way.

Nice short week, hoping I get to go Wigton for the weekend on Friday, looking forward lots. Get as much coupley time in as possible before uni.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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