Cup demolition

Another trip to Brunton Park, another five put past Carlisle.

I apologise in advance for these pictures, I didn’t manage to catch any of the goals in action. Think of them more as a map of the game, and how nice it looks at night. I like night matches.

It all started so well, David Amoo put us ahead in the first half after some good pressure won the ball back high up the pitch. The rest of the first half went pretty quickly, all midfield possession, no chances either way.


Then just before half time Leicester had to go and equalise. Everyone on the pitch sat off and gave Chris Wood the freedom of Cumbria to stroll through and score.


James got a hot chocolate and I had a tea at half time, and as you can see we were right at pitchside. We were waiting for a deflection or clearance to come our way and leave us with some third degree burns. The closest we got was this free kick eventually being cleared away.


No matter though, because two minutes into the second half the ball was away towards the goal once again. Our right side completely vanished and allowed their captain to sprint through and slam Leicester ahead.


I hoped we could get through to 60 minutes and rebuild with a couple of subs, but nobody does capitulation like Carlisle. First we sat off again and allowed them to put another past Gillespie.


Then our best player on the night Brad Potts lost the ball, chased all the way back into the box to win the ball back, and gave away a penalty which Wood scored. That is the pen about to happen behind the linesman and their manager.


After that we picked up slightly, Lewis Guy made a difference when he came on. That lasted about five minutes before Wood completed his hattrick after yet more poor defending.


With the away fans loving it, us 5-1 down and the game over we decided to score the best goal of the game, James Berrett curled in a beauty from the corner of the box.


And that was it, no extra time or anything. Lost 2-5, and a diabolical display of defending. As a guy behind me said we have conceded five against worse teams though.


That is full time, the ball is behind the number 15 on the way to the ref.

Guy and Symington played well when they came on, the latter tried to get down the line and put a cross in whenever he good, which was better than the previous tactic of hoof it at Miller.

A decent run in the league is all I want from them before Christmas. Mid-table finish still possible, if we get a defending coach in, or even better get a well oiled back line.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

My Carlisle record for 2012/13 season…

Games: 2

Goals: 3

Conceded: 10

Record 0-0-2


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