My week; party, more football & Leeds Festival!

Hello, the first one of these on time for a good few weeks, as I believe I shan’t be attending the pub quiz later, I am broken because of events I shall now explain.

Wednesday was a day of many films, as we watched 27 Dresses when we got up, and Elysium at the cinema. Two films doesn’t seem like very many, but I’m sure there was another one at some point.

First off I went to the gym on Thursday, then went to play some more bingo and won a tenner from a free game. We had an Alex party to attend on the night. We had the fire going and my awesome party playlist to keep us warm outside, since we couldn’t get the surround sound to work in the living room.

Everyone had to be out by 10 the next morning, so I enjoyed some of Alex’s leftover donner pizza and went home. I made sure I had everything ready for Saturday and tried to get an early night.


As some may know, Saturday was Leeds day! I wrote a lot more about it here, but I shall summarise it again for anyone that missed it. Skindred and New Found Glory were fun, then it rained a lot, then System of a Down were brilliant and Green Day were absolutely epic. We didn’t get home until 3am , and I still had to shower before bed.


I woke up shockingly early on Sunday morning after what a long day Saturday was. I sat around and didn’t really do a lot until Jess arrived. We then went out with a few friends to town. We got in around half 2 and Jess stayed over.

After Jess left on Monday I was tidying my room when I found her phone, silly woman. I drove out to Wigton and dropped it off along with some Magic Star supplies. On the way back I stopped off at Alex’s for a barbeque and we watched the football. Wasn’t the best match, we had a clear pen turned down so everyone was fuming.


Tuesday made a nice sandwich and watched Spirited Away, then I walked into town and got a frame for my anniversary present. Look how nice it is, thank you lovely Jess!

WP_20130827_002More cinema action tomorrow and two stays at Jess’ this week! I am excited, as well as United Liverpool on Sunday, should be another good one. If I do go to the quiz later the outcome will be on next week’s.

Also my video of Time of Your Life live has got nearly 700 views at time of writing! Feel free to check out Billie’s (and my) lovely singing voice.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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