My week; football football football!

Quite boring looking week this week, no pictures as I am getting used to taking them. I am not normally inclined to take lots of pictures in life.

Another Orange/EE Wednesday featured Kick Ass 2 this week. I must say it was better than the first one, and probably moves to second in the summer films list, behind Now You See Me.

My visit to Jess’ on Thursday was cut short due to circumstances beyond either of us, so I dropped her off and went to the pub with Alex. I stayed over and we watched some IT Crowd.

On Friday I took Jess home, but couldn’t stay for too long sadly. I drove back home and had cottage pie. It was microwaved rather than mother-made, but it was still nice with heaps of beetroot.

Saturday was the day we had been waiting for all summer, Premier League day! I immediately lost all bets I placed, and Alex and I sat in the pub all day to take in three matches. We had a pub meal and later a takeaway, so it was a pretty good day all around. Shame about the calories. A nice 4-1 win to kick off the season, and annoy Alex by having Welbeck score twice.

I left Alex’s for the night after watching some of Kill Bill, but returned on Sunday for some even more football. Leftover takeaway was had and we made a fantasy football team for Chester, his dog.

Monday I got picked up and pottered off to Wigton with Jess and we were later joined by Emily and Anton for night time Uno and watching hilarious remake of Evil Dead. Although, tree molestation is not funny. It just sounds funny.

Shock of the week on Tuesday, NO pub quiz as I was in Wigton. Without me or Jess the group could not cope and we had no representatives for the first time in about six weeks. We stayed in and watched Say Anything, with negative results. Sorry Emily!

Parties and gigs and things next week, jolly exciting…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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