My week; a birthday, a wedding and a new car?

Lots and lots happened this week, and I have found out how to put full sized pictures up from my phone, so hooray. They might be a bit massive though.

The Wednesday before Emily’s birthday she had a lovely little tea party in her garden. I was quite scared to drink out of a cup with 22 karat gold in it, but we made it through with no horrible incidents. We played games and had two or three tonnes of cakes and biscuits to work through. Here is her awesome little arrangement and the birthday ginge herself.


On Thursday Jess and I had a lovely lazy day, I made her some tea and we found a car she likes for less than expected! We are off to see it on Tuesday, so we will see how it goes below. We watched Two and a Half Men and I made us midnight snackies.

Friday was Emily’s actual birthday, happy birthday Emily! I helped Jess clean her car ready for its potential sale, and after she left I had a hoover around. How nice does the cake Jess made for Emily look? It was even nicer than that.


Saturday I was up and off to the gym as I hadn’t been since Monday. After that it was back home to shower and prepare myself for a wedding night do with lots of Jess family. I was a little nervous about sharing a room with a large amount of presumably drunk strangers, but there was a free bar and some good music and it was all very nice. Congrats Anna and Jonny!


I woke up at Jess’ on Sunday and headed home to catch the first competitive United match of the season. It was shockingly boring, scored after six minutes and coasted through from there. I headed home and looked for a new Jess car.

WP_20130810_003A selection of our drinks from Saturday night. From left to right I think it reads; gin & tonic, vodka cranberry, JD and Coke, Diet Coke, Guinness.

More gym working out action on Monday, going at least twice a week will hopefully start making a difference, especially at uni when I have nothing else to do.

I was up early on Tuesday morning to fill up the car, and I ferried Jess, my mum and Alan my neighbour over to Newcastle to see a car. After a bit of testing and approval from our mechanic neighbour, we took home a nice smart new Citroen for Jess.


After insuring it, we went for a bar meal with our friend Kim and her mum. That preceded the obvious Tuesday night activities, where we failed at the quiz, finally got chosen for the jackpot game only to lose straight away, and then Jess beat us all at killer pool.

That tailgate is honestly my favourite thing about it, it’s so cool and I wish I had one.

Speaking of Emily on her birthday week, she is stuck on 99 Twitter followers at the time of writing this, so if any nice people out there want to get her to a round 100, follow her here.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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