Some objectives for 2013

Little bit late perhaps, being two thirds of the way through 2013 and all, but I thought the other day about a few things I’ve been doing lately and how I might actually need to start planning what I’m going to do next year.

Since I finish uni in May/June, most likely with a second class honours, I best have some kind of idea about what to do this year.

  • Keep getting fitter. Gym has been regular for the last month or so, and I know people I live with are going to be avid users of the uni gym next year, so hopefully I can work off my fat belly by Christmas, in time for a nice fattening Christmas holiday.
  • Stay out of savings. Currently I have a little bit of money in an ISA, which was quite badly damaged by my whole car insurance debacle. My normal account has minimal funds left, so the rest of the summer will continue to be a bit scrimpy. Who made petrol so expensive anyway?
  • Save a lot of loan. Say what you like about universities being a waste of money and time, but the loans are more than useful to help start some savings. Planning to have a nice abroad holiday with Jess next summer, as well as yet more car insurance. No nights out for me next year, which is not a problem.
  • Get a job. This may not be possible until the Christmas holidays. We will have to see how extraneous my final year project is going to be, and whether working in Sunderland is going to stop me getting down to York. If I can get in somewhere over the holidays I can try and turn that into to full time work next year.

So mainly money issues, I am a student after all. I also plan on buying a few more terrible DVDs, if I get hold of my Student Panel Amazon voucher before long.

It seems laptop has decided debacle isn’t a word. When I have a broader vocabulary than my computer it may be time to update. As is obvious from this though, my bank balance will not allow this.

Wish me luck, I will no doubt forget about addressing this post over Christmas, but I shall be persevering nonetheless.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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