My week; complete with (some) pictures

Super late post this week, oopsy. Once again barely been on laptop, if the formatting looks stupid I will sort it when I go back on comp later.

After the pub quiz I went back to Jess’ house to stay while parents were off having a camp at Silloth. The next day we stayed up until something like 3am playing 20 questions which was lots of fun. We also finally watched Twelve Monkeys, good film, weird film.

I decided to take a leaf out of the Jess book of jogging on Friday, and had a run down to Brunton Park to see how much tickets were for Saturday’s game. I saw Jess drive by with her brother on the way back. After that I made the hour long walk to Alex’s for a ridiculously massive barbeque.


Saturday was a tiresome day. I had gym in the morning, then went to watch Carlisle at 3, as you probably know, before heading off to Silloth to see my sister for her 50th birthday celebrations.


Lazy day happens on Sunday, I had a lovely dinner at home and did some first class lazing. Went out of the house only to close the car windows.

Monday I was up extortionately early to take mother to the train station. Then I had the house to myself, so I went to the gym and lazed around until Jess arrived. We had another Nash party to attend, same as last week.

Tuesday was a busy day, Jess was round while mum was away, so we went back to hers and made some cake and cookies for Emily’s birthday. Got back for the quiz, where we did not at all well with the pub packed.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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