Super Carlisle…

First match of the season, first time I’d been back to Brunton Park in nearly a year, renewed optimism that we might actually make the playoffs this season, I was feeling good before kick off against Leyton Orient.

Half time came around, we had gone 2-0 down and had Lee Miller sent off very harshly indeed. We pulled one back with an Amoo penalty, but we were never getting anything after losing Miller.

He chased a ball down the line and grappled with the Orient defender, pulling him to the floor off the pitch. The lad cracked his head off the gravel round the outside of the pitch and was out cold. I think the referee saw this and overreacted to the challenge.

We were already losing at this stage, but we conceded another not long after. After pulling one back we actually looked okay, and came out at the start of the second half firing, rather than sitting back and hoping for another penalty or decision go our way. After seven minutes of stoppage time a draw seemed possible.

WP_20130803_005These are parts of our view in the second half. Sadly my phone camera is very good but the pictures transfer very small to my laptop. Carlisle were attacking our end, but after a good opening ten minutes we didn’t see much action near us.

WP_20130803_002Dan being a silly sausage. Yes he has a backwards Iron Man cap on. Least he didn’t wear his Newcastle top.


After an hour or so this was pretty much our view of the game. Orient took advantage when we inevitably tired and got a couple more quick goals to make it 4-1. Beck and Symington came on and affected it somewhat, but our game plan changed to ‘hoof it up to Beck and see what happens’. Nothing happened.

WP_20130803_004It always seems to be cold at Brunton Park, what is it with football stadiums? My new phone at least lets me use Twitter in the ground though, never used to.

They hit a nice fifth goal at the end, it hit the bar and came back out but after watching on the Football League Show it clearly crossed the line.

I also saw us on the show! Just as the second goal goes in we can be seen looking miserable. I’m the only one anywhere around me with the bright yellow away top on, so that was something to take from the day.

So a 1-5 home loss and lost our main striker for the next three games. Never mind, silver lining and all that. To think I was really missing the football when it was away…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack



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