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Cup demolition

Another trip to Brunton Park, another five put past Carlisle.

I apologise in advance for these pictures, I didn’t manage to catch any of the goals in action. Think of them more as a map of the game, and how nice it looks at night. I like night matches.

It all started so well, David Amoo put us ahead in the first half after some good pressure won the ball back high up the pitch. The rest of the first half went pretty quickly, all midfield possession, no chances either way.


Then just before half time Leicester had to go and equalise. Everyone on the pitch sat off and gave Chris Wood the freedom of Cumbria to stroll through and score.


James got a hot chocolate and I had a tea at half time, and as you can see we were right at pitchside. We were waiting for a deflection or clearance to come our way and leave us with some third degree burns. The closest we got was this free kick eventually being cleared away.


No matter though, because two minutes into the second half the ball was away towards the goal once again. Our right side completely vanished and allowed their captain to sprint through and slam Leicester ahead.


I hoped we could get through to 60 minutes and rebuild with a couple of subs, but nobody does capitulation like Carlisle. First we sat off again and allowed them to put another past Gillespie.


Then our best player on the night Brad Potts lost the ball, chased all the way back into the box to win the ball back, and gave away a penalty which Wood scored. That is the pen about to happen behind the linesman and their manager.


After that we picked up slightly, Lewis Guy made a difference when he came on. That lasted about five minutes before Wood completed his hattrick after yet more poor defending.


With the away fans loving it, us 5-1 down and the game over we decided to score the best goal of the game, James Berrett curled in a beauty from the corner of the box.


And that was it, no extra time or anything. Lost 2-5, and a diabolical display of defending. As a guy behind me said we have conceded five against worse teams though.


That is full time, the ball is behind the number 15 on the way to the ref.

Guy and Symington played well when they came on, the latter tried to get down the line and put a cross in whenever he good, which was better than the previous tactic of hoof it at Miller.

A decent run in the league is all I want from them before Christmas. Mid-table finish still possible, if we get a defending coach in, or even better get a well oiled back line.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

My Carlisle record for 2012/13 season…

Games: 2

Goals: 3

Conceded: 10

Record 0-0-2


My week; party, more football & Leeds Festival!

Hello, the first one of these on time for a good few weeks, as I believe I shan’t be attending the pub quiz later, I am broken because of events I shall now explain.

Wednesday was a day of many films, as we watched 27 Dresses when we got up, and Elysium at the cinema. Two films doesn’t seem like very many, but I’m sure there was another one at some point.

First off I went to the gym on Thursday, then went to play some more bingo and won a tenner from a free game. We had an Alex party to attend on the night. We had the fire going and my awesome party playlist to keep us warm outside, since we couldn’t get the surround sound to work in the living room.

Everyone had to be out by 10 the next morning, so I enjoyed some of Alex’s leftover donner pizza and went home. I made sure I had everything ready for Saturday and tried to get an early night.


As some may know, Saturday was Leeds day! I wrote a lot more about it here, but I shall summarise it again for anyone that missed it. Skindred and New Found Glory were fun, then it rained a lot, then System of a Down were brilliant and Green Day were absolutely epic. We didn’t get home until 3am , and I still had to shower before bed.


I woke up shockingly early on Sunday morning after what a long day Saturday was. I sat around and didn’t really do a lot until Jess arrived. We then went out with a few friends to town. We got in around half 2 and Jess stayed over.

After Jess left on Monday I was tidying my room when I found her phone, silly woman. I drove out to Wigton and dropped it off along with some Magic Star supplies. On the way back I stopped off at Alex’s for a barbeque and we watched the football. Wasn’t the best match, we had a clear pen turned down so everyone was fuming.


Tuesday made a nice sandwich and watched Spirited Away, then I walked into town and got a frame for my anniversary present. Look how nice it is, thank you lovely Jess!

WP_20130827_002More cinema action tomorrow and two stays at Jess’ this week! I am excited, as well as United Liverpool on Sunday, should be another good one. If I do go to the quiz later the outcome will be on next week’s.

Also my video of Time of Your Life live has got nearly 700 views at time of writing! Feel free to check out Billie’s (and my) lovely singing voice.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Leeds 2013

I’m shattered, somehow feel hungover despite not drinking, and have been sat in my dressing gown all day. Still I’m very glad I’m not camping.

For the second time I attended Leeds festival I could only afford a day ticket rather than the weekend ticket, so I went with my friend Dan to the Saturday date, as we have a mutual love of the day’s headliner. Here are my two wristbands making friends.


I kicked off the day filling the car up at 8am, before picking Dan up at about 9 and heading off to Bramham Park. The journey was fun, we went through Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy to get excited for later. We also discussed the merits of various superheroes and Pokemon.

We got there a bit early and there weren’t any bands on, so we wandered around and got some food before heading to the main stage to have a sit down. The grass was wet and While She Sleeps came on while we were there. I did not care for them at all, very shouty and screamy.

We hung around because I thought New Found Glory were on next, but Skindred were actually on first. I’m glad we stayed because they were a lot of fun, and managed to get in a good bit of crowd interaction in the half hour or so they were on.

I didn’t get any pictures of Skindred sadly, but here is a shot of the main stage that I probably won’t be able to fit in later.

WP_20130824_001That’s the best picture I have that shows the entire stage. At this point New Found Glory had come on, making it the second time I had seen them. They played most of Sticks and Stones, which is my favourite album by them, so I was happy.

The first time I saw them play they supported Paramore five and a half years ago. We stayed around the back for this one too, I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to be near the front all day.

WP_20130824_003The lead singer, Jordan, on one of the big screens. After NFG finished I didn’t really pay too much attention to these, as we moved into the middle.

After they left Bring Me The Horizon were the next band on, so we hurried away. Dan got more food, we got a drink – I had King Tango – and we went for a sit down somewhere. It was around 2pm at this point.

After a couple of hours wandering and not doing a lot, the weather decided it was going to be awful, and it absolutely slashed it down. We hid in one of the stalls, then felt bad for being in there without buying anything.

We found a stall that sold those daft looking rain ponchos and accidentally got six for the price of two, so we made some friends by handing them out.

WP_20130824_005We were all told to leave not long after that, and went into one of the tents to wait for the downpour to go away. As you can see by the other ponchos here, we weren’t the only ones with this idea.

The band in the background there were actually quite good. They had a DJ playing very trippy weird hooks to their punky songs, and I recognised a song I must have heard either on an advert or FIFA.

WP_20130824_004If anyone knows who that is from this dreadful zoomed in picture, you are crazy. But they were quite good, much better than standing in the rain.

We sat down, tried to find the football scores and then went off to get some hot drinks. We then stood at the Introducing stage, simply because it was closest to the tea stand.

A band called Amber came on that we rather enjoyed, they were interesting. Once they finished it was about an hour to go before System of a Down played, so we went back to the main stage.

WP_20130824_007This was before they came out, we were there for a while because Deftones were finishing their set when we got there. We aren’t keen on them, but the rain had pretty much gone at this point.

WP_20130824_009Out came System, Serj with guitar in hand only to play their opener Aerials. After that they went from classic to classic; BYOB, Spiders, Pluck, Hypnotize, Question!, Radio/Video (one of my favourites), Chop Suey and Toxicity.

Before this gig I had barely listened to SOAD in a couple of years, but I thoroughly enjoyed them live. Glad I finally got to see them after they went on hiatus before I got the chance.

WP_20130824_010A couple of circle pits later and we found ourselves bang on centre of the crowd, if you can see the change in angle there. We stayed out of them thankfully, too old for that stuff. There was a guy in a sleeping bag who fell down in one of them, prompting a few chants of ‘sleeping bag’ to go around.

After System went off I thought they were brilliant, but as soon as they started setting up this stage here I forgot all about them.

WP_20130824_013We were told at the start of the day, by Colin Murray for some reason, that Green Day would be on at 8:20pm, so every minute that went by after that we got a bit more fidgety.

I already sort of knew the setlist having seen it online, but I didn’t really take it in much. Just standing was becoming a problem at this stage, with the rain turning the fields into muddy lakes.

Just after half past, as Bohemian Rhapsody finished, a bunny came on stage.

WP_20130824_015If you can make him out there, he ran around the stage pumping the crowd up and showing his bunny bum. We may never know if it was one of the band dressed up, but he did have a Tre Cool tshirt on.

I fear the pictures may outnumber the words before long, but Green Day came out! It had also stopped raining again so the phone was out.

WP_20130824_016Bille Joe and Mike are there closest to Tre, as they started up the set with their usual hey-oh chants. I hated them on Bullet in a Bible, but it turns out they’re a lot more fun when you can join in.

The first five songs contained three off the new albums, so I didn’t really get into it until they played Holiday. That naturally turned into Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

At some point in amongst all this Billie went off on a rant about living in the moment and this being the fans’ concert which made everybody very happy. Then the banner came up.

WP_20130824_023Yup, they played Dookie front to back to mark its 20th anniversary next year. Another of my favourite albums played on the day, as they ran through them I was waiting for my favourites all the way. Coming Clean, F.O.D & Pulling Teeth were so good, worth waiting the whole set for.

WP_20130824_019I almost forgot to put this one in. It does say Green Day behind there, I promise. It was actually a whole panel of lights at one point, but I didn’t take a picture of this because I was having a seizure.

They did a cover of A Quick One, While He’s Away by The Who, presumably just for us since it was a tribute to their Live at Leeds show in 1970.

They played St Jimmy after Dookie had finished, and went off to Minority and the biggest singalong so far.

WP_20130824_018The band came back out for American Idiot and then, to my delirium, Jesus of Suburbia. At this point we were knackered, stood in ankle deep mud and I was being elbowed in the back by some short person. Jesus of Suburbia was the best part of the night for me.

Then Billie came back out on his own, and played Walk Away, giving me the chance to have a rest before Time of Your Life. I recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t think the loudest voice on this is mine, because a) the microphone on my phone faces away from me, and b) I didn’t think I had that much voice left by this point.

After they went off I had to go see what it was like to be right at the barrier. There was a mountain of cups and bottles and things. I feel sorry for festival litter pickers.

After that we waded back through the mud and the crowds, and spoke to a few people. Most of them were laughing at Dan’s attempts at standing up. We had a struggle out of the car park in the mud, until I saw a shortcut and popped out.

I listened to Warning three times through on the way home to try and keep my eyes open. After that it was home, shower, fall into bed and sleep.

And that was my day, Skindred were fun, NFG were good, SOAD were great and Green Day were amazing, one of the best live bands I’ve seen. They had a saxophone, a harmonica and an accordion. No fireworks though this year.

Despite the lack of fireworks, Green day left us with a very appropriate image, given the smells wafting around.

WP_20130824_025It wasn’t quite the same without Jess there, but we will no doubt be going back in the years to come, with a bigger tent and a more liquid based diet.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

My week; football football football!

Quite boring looking week this week, no pictures as I am getting used to taking them. I am not normally inclined to take lots of pictures in life.

Another Orange/EE Wednesday featured Kick Ass 2 this week. I must say it was better than the first one, and probably moves to second in the summer films list, behind Now You See Me.

My visit to Jess’ on Thursday was cut short due to circumstances beyond either of us, so I dropped her off and went to the pub with Alex. I stayed over and we watched some IT Crowd.

On Friday I took Jess home, but couldn’t stay for too long sadly. I drove back home and had cottage pie. It was microwaved rather than mother-made, but it was still nice with heaps of beetroot.

Saturday was the day we had been waiting for all summer, Premier League day! I immediately lost all bets I placed, and Alex and I sat in the pub all day to take in three matches. We had a pub meal and later a takeaway, so it was a pretty good day all around. Shame about the calories. A nice 4-1 win to kick off the season, and annoy Alex by having Welbeck score twice.

I left Alex’s for the night after watching some of Kill Bill, but returned on Sunday for some even more football. Leftover takeaway was had and we made a fantasy football team for Chester, his dog.

Monday I got picked up and pottered off to Wigton with Jess and we were later joined by Emily and Anton for night time Uno and watching hilarious remake of Evil Dead. Although, tree molestation is not funny. It just sounds funny.

Shock of the week on Tuesday, NO pub quiz as I was in Wigton. Without me or Jess the group could not cope and we had no representatives for the first time in about six weeks. We stayed in and watched Say Anything, with negative results. Sorry Emily!

Parties and gigs and things next week, jolly exciting…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Premier League table prediction

My transfer series went a bit cold recently, since I’ve been busy about every Friday Saturday. So with the Prem starting up again tomorrow I thought I would put together my own table, which turned out to be harder than I thought when I got to around 11th. Here is my lineup, and my reasoning for each.

  1. Chelsea. Can’t see past Mourinho coming back and making an impact. Hazard should be even better this season, and Jose will surely iron out the defensive wobbles. If they get a Makelele type holder, they’ll definitely be favourites.
  2. Man Utd. Hoping Zaha will continue improving along with Welbeck and Cleverley, while avoiding another defensive injury crisis. Got to have faith. City have spent, but I think we’ll get in one more quality player this summer. Wonder why they took the number 7 shirt off Valencia…
  3. Man City. I’m not sure if the players they’ve bought really improve the quality of the first XI, but they must have the strongest squad in the league. If Navas gets a run of games and links up with Sevilla pal Negredo they could win the title, but feasibly so could any of the top 6.
  4. Arsenal. I think Arsenal will get some more quality in and be able to hold on to their usual top 4 place. If they buy the right quality in the right positions they could go higher. I also have a feeling they will go far in the Champions League, maybe a semi-final this year.
  5. Liverpool. They seem intent on keeping that massively talented but hugely flawed Uruguayan of theirs. However, the man of their season for me will be Coutinho. I still can’t see them cracking the top 4, but they are heading the right way.
  6. Spurs. I feel like Bale will go late on in the window, leaving Tottenham a dimension short in terms of Champions League qualification. Without him they go back to being a firm top 6 team, but not world beaters.
  7. West Brom. Bit of a long shot this one, but I think the continuity West Brom have had will benefit them. Anelka is probably the best free transfer of the season, and a fine way to send Peter Odemwingie on his bike. Add him to Brunt and Long, and they’re a threat to any team.
  8. Everton. New manager, remains to be seen if Fellaini and Baines will be summoned by Moyes, Everton’s season is going to be a bit similar to United. He was there over ten years, and did such an amazing job that Everton are expected to compete this season.
  9. Newcastle. No European shenanigans to distract Newcastle from climbing back up the table this year. Confident they won’t get into the Europa League, but I predict a top half finish and a decent FA Cup run. They’ve got rid of some driftwood and brought in decent players.
  10. Swansea. Not sure which way Swansea’s season is going to go at this point. I do fear they will get something out of their first game against us, but I fancy a few teams to get under their passing skin and neutralise their flowing midfield. Still have enough to stay well away from danger.
  11. West Ham. Surprised at how well they did last season, and with players like Downing in they should be able to replicate that form. Keep Carroll fit and they’ll be fine, starting with a good result against Cardiff. Like most of the bottom half teams they need home wins.
  12. Fulham. Having just signed Darren Bent Fulham have got plenty of goal power. With Bent accompanying new keeper Stekelenburg to London they will stay safe, but another club in the process of building towards the top half. Let’s see what Adel Taarabt can do given another chance in the top flight.
  13. Southampton. I’m a big fan of Southampton. They have quality young full backs in Clyne and Shaw, a top class big man in Lambert, and a proper engine in Schneiderlein. They’ve spent big, and after taking a few big scalps last year will be looking to iron out their inconsistencies.
  14. Norwich. I hope for my fantasy football team’s sake that Norwich keep their defence as resolute as last year. With van Wolfswinkel and Hooper added, and Fer earmarked as top class, Norwich should stay up comfortably. John Ruddy should be given a real England chance.
  15. Villa. They’ve kept Benteke, it remains to be seen whether he is a one season wonder. Their young defenders are one season older and one year more experienced. It was such a good thing for the teenagers that they managed to stay up last season, they will be better for it.
  16. Sunderland. I worry for Sunderland. Di Canio has brought in hundreds of new players and his new regime might help in the long run. In terms of this season though, they will be down at the bottom fighting the drop again, I can’t see them being stronger than the 15 teams I’ve placed above them.
  17. Cardiff. The only promoted team I fancy to stay up. Caulker is a top 4 defender in the making, and Bellamy still has a job to do at the highest level. The pace they play at and the real financial intent they are showing just says to me they are the most prepared for the step up.
  18. Palace. I have Palace coming close, bit not quite making it. Losing Zaha will be an obvious blow, and while they have spent money, players like Dwight Gayle are unproven. Ian Holloway has experience, but I’m not sure he has the resources to avoid a second relegation.
  19. Stoke. It feels like their year to go. It seemed like they were one of the untouchable teams since their promotion, but Wigan proved last year that there are no guarantees. I think getting rid of Pulis was a bad move, replacing him with Mark Hughes a worse one.
  20. Hull. I have missed having Hull in the Premiership, but how they can stay up in such a competitive league is beyond me. I think they will bring some entertainment, but ultimately fall to too many defeats at home. Tom Huddlestone won’t be enough to see them safe.

Can’t wait to compare this to the real thing in May, who knows how wildly wrong I’ll be. The bottom 12 could be in any combination, such is the nature of our awesome league.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

My week; a birthday, a wedding and a new car?

Lots and lots happened this week, and I have found out how to put full sized pictures up from my phone, so hooray. They might be a bit massive though.

The Wednesday before Emily’s birthday she had a lovely little tea party in her garden. I was quite scared to drink out of a cup with 22 karat gold in it, but we made it through with no horrible incidents. We played games and had two or three tonnes of cakes and biscuits to work through. Here is her awesome little arrangement and the birthday ginge herself.


On Thursday Jess and I had a lovely lazy day, I made her some tea and we found a car she likes for less than expected! We are off to see it on Tuesday, so we will see how it goes below. We watched Two and a Half Men and I made us midnight snackies.

Friday was Emily’s actual birthday, happy birthday Emily! I helped Jess clean her car ready for its potential sale, and after she left I had a hoover around. How nice does the cake Jess made for Emily look? It was even nicer than that.


Saturday I was up and off to the gym as I hadn’t been since Monday. After that it was back home to shower and prepare myself for a wedding night do with lots of Jess family. I was a little nervous about sharing a room with a large amount of presumably drunk strangers, but there was a free bar and some good music and it was all very nice. Congrats Anna and Jonny!


I woke up at Jess’ on Sunday and headed home to catch the first competitive United match of the season. It was shockingly boring, scored after six minutes and coasted through from there. I headed home and looked for a new Jess car.

WP_20130810_003A selection of our drinks from Saturday night. From left to right I think it reads; gin & tonic, vodka cranberry, JD and Coke, Diet Coke, Guinness.

More gym working out action on Monday, going at least twice a week will hopefully start making a difference, especially at uni when I have nothing else to do.

I was up early on Tuesday morning to fill up the car, and I ferried Jess, my mum and Alan my neighbour over to Newcastle to see a car. After a bit of testing and approval from our mechanic neighbour, we took home a nice smart new Citroen for Jess.


After insuring it, we went for a bar meal with our friend Kim and her mum. That preceded the obvious Tuesday night activities, where we failed at the quiz, finally got chosen for the jackpot game only to lose straight away, and then Jess beat us all at killer pool.

That tailgate is honestly my favourite thing about it, it’s so cool and I wish I had one.

Speaking of Emily on her birthday week, she is stuck on 99 Twitter followers at the time of writing this, so if any nice people out there want to get her to a round 100, follow her here.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Some objectives for 2013

Little bit late perhaps, being two thirds of the way through 2013 and all, but I thought the other day about a few things I’ve been doing lately and how I might actually need to start planning what I’m going to do next year.

Since I finish uni in May/June, most likely with a second class honours, I best have some kind of idea about what to do this year.

  • Keep getting fitter. Gym has been regular for the last month or so, and I know people I live with are going to be avid users of the uni gym next year, so hopefully I can work off my fat belly by Christmas, in time for a nice fattening Christmas holiday.
  • Stay out of savings. Currently I have a little bit of money in an ISA, which was quite badly damaged by my whole car insurance debacle. My normal account has minimal funds left, so the rest of the summer will continue to be a bit scrimpy. Who made petrol so expensive anyway?
  • Save a lot of loan. Say what you like about universities being a waste of money and time, but the loans are more than useful to help start some savings. Planning to have a nice abroad holiday with Jess next summer, as well as yet more car insurance. No nights out for me next year, which is not a problem.
  • Get a job. This may not be possible until the Christmas holidays. We will have to see how extraneous my final year project is going to be, and whether working in Sunderland is going to stop me getting down to York. If I can get in somewhere over the holidays I can try and turn that into to full time work next year.

So mainly money issues, I am a student after all. I also plan on buying a few more terrible DVDs, if I get hold of my Student Panel Amazon voucher before long.

It seems laptop has decided debacle isn’t a word. When I have a broader vocabulary than my computer it may be time to update. As is obvious from this though, my bank balance will not allow this.

Wish me luck, I will no doubt forget about addressing this post over Christmas, but I shall be persevering nonetheless.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

My week; complete with (some) pictures

Super late post this week, oopsy. Once again barely been on laptop, if the formatting looks stupid I will sort it when I go back on comp later.

After the pub quiz I went back to Jess’ house to stay while parents were off having a camp at Silloth. The next day we stayed up until something like 3am playing 20 questions which was lots of fun. We also finally watched Twelve Monkeys, good film, weird film.

I decided to take a leaf out of the Jess book of jogging on Friday, and had a run down to Brunton Park to see how much tickets were for Saturday’s game. I saw Jess drive by with her brother on the way back. After that I made the hour long walk to Alex’s for a ridiculously massive barbeque.


Saturday was a tiresome day. I had gym in the morning, then went to watch Carlisle at 3, as you probably know, before heading off to Silloth to see my sister for her 50th birthday celebrations.


Lazy day happens on Sunday, I had a lovely dinner at home and did some first class lazing. Went out of the house only to close the car windows.

Monday I was up extortionately early to take mother to the train station. Then I had the house to myself, so I went to the gym and lazed around until Jess arrived. We had another Nash party to attend, same as last week.

Tuesday was a busy day, Jess was round while mum was away, so we went back to hers and made some cake and cookies for Emily’s birthday. Got back for the quiz, where we did not at all well with the pub packed.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Super Carlisle…

First match of the season, first time I’d been back to Brunton Park in nearly a year, renewed optimism that we might actually make the playoffs this season, I was feeling good before kick off against Leyton Orient.

Half time came around, we had gone 2-0 down and had Lee Miller sent off very harshly indeed. We pulled one back with an Amoo penalty, but we were never getting anything after losing Miller.

He chased a ball down the line and grappled with the Orient defender, pulling him to the floor off the pitch. The lad cracked his head off the gravel round the outside of the pitch and was out cold. I think the referee saw this and overreacted to the challenge.

We were already losing at this stage, but we conceded another not long after. After pulling one back we actually looked okay, and came out at the start of the second half firing, rather than sitting back and hoping for another penalty or decision go our way. After seven minutes of stoppage time a draw seemed possible.

WP_20130803_005These are parts of our view in the second half. Sadly my phone camera is very good but the pictures transfer very small to my laptop. Carlisle were attacking our end, but after a good opening ten minutes we didn’t see much action near us.

WP_20130803_002Dan being a silly sausage. Yes he has a backwards Iron Man cap on. Least he didn’t wear his Newcastle top.


After an hour or so this was pretty much our view of the game. Orient took advantage when we inevitably tired and got a couple more quick goals to make it 4-1. Beck and Symington came on and affected it somewhat, but our game plan changed to ‘hoof it up to Beck and see what happens’. Nothing happened.

WP_20130803_004It always seems to be cold at Brunton Park, what is it with football stadiums? My new phone at least lets me use Twitter in the ground though, never used to.

They hit a nice fifth goal at the end, it hit the bar and came back out but after watching on the Football League Show it clearly crossed the line.

I also saw us on the show! Just as the second goal goes in we can be seen looking miserable. I’m the only one anywhere around me with the bright yellow away top on, so that was something to take from the day.

So a 1-5 home loss and lost our main striker for the next three games. Never mind, silver lining and all that. To think I was really missing the football when it was away…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


Happy August!

First post of the month, nip and punch and hug and all that nonsense.

Nothing exciting going on, just to say my laptop is currently M.I.A, out in the Wigton wilderness, so I won’t be posting for a couple of days.

I have a few things I want to get through this month, however my phone is not the ideal platform to go on about them.

So have a lovely weekend everyone, I should be reunited with lappy on Saturday, after my sister’s birthday bash.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack