My week; party, retaining quiz title?

Another bit of lateness, been at Jess’ since yesterday.

Wednesday I went to see Monsters University with Jess and Dan and Jess’ little sister Lily. It was quite good, not as good as the first but a lot better than I was expecting it to be in all honesty.

Thursday a friend had a small party at his enormous house for his 19th birthday. It was a fun night, very much enjoyed it. Jess felt poorly at around 12 so we went home and watched TV and slept. Hope Nash feels a little better than he was that night. Poor thing doesn’t get a lot of drink.

I took Jess home on Friday and we hung around all day. I took dog for a walk because Jess was still poorly, get well soon!  The kids were feeling ill and the dog was sick on Thursday as well, ill household.

Saturday was another gym day, which I followed up with a walk into town with Luke and my first visit to a comic book shop.

I had a total write off of a day on Sunday, so much so that I’m not too sure of the details. I think I played xbox and watched Top Gear.

On Monday I braved the gym alone, and then ended up playing bingo with Alex and his mum. It was very fun, adding to my old manliness. Tried to get car insurance sorted, had a big long talk with many people at Admiral.

I got my car insured on Tuesday morning, £100 cheaper than Monday’s quote. We sadly fell to a respectable fourth place at the quiz, the music round once again our downfall.

And that’s that, hopefully next week this will actually be ready on time and I wont be starting another one at the same time.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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