My week; Crumpets, Brad Pitt, present!

This week’s post is late! I am extremely sorry. It just caught my mind before bed, so I got it out before sleep, meaning it is still Tuesday to me.

This Wednesday’s film of choice was World War Z. In my head it was so much more than a zombie film, and used zombies more as a counterbalance than the whole pivotal plot point. Well I was wrong, it was very average. Peter Capaldi was in it though which made me happy!

After the cinema we went to Dom’s and stayed over. I had a crumpet. We watched Hot Tub Time Machine and it was better than World War Z, but not great still. Thursday daytime I went with Jess to find a granddad present for Colin, and we picked an enormous mug.

Friday Jess came round and we had fun in the garden and talking about lots of things. She popped off to see a friend, I blogged, she came back and stayed over.

Jess had to leave early Saturday to get back to Wigton and go to work. I went to see Alex and his nephew for an hour, then went into town and met Dan for a bit.

Sunday I did pretty much nothing. If anything I did some grooming and the usual eating and breathing and whatnot.

I was scheduled for my Jess night on Monday, but then I had to bring her and the dog to my house for the night. He seemed quite happy, apart from not sleeping and being a bit sick.

Today (technically yesterday) Jess gave me my anniversary present. It was really lovely and a bit cheesy, but anniversary cheesy is good. Had a shocker at pub quiz this week I’m afraid.

Plenty planned for this week, hope I’m not late again. Until then.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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