My week; Wet n Wild, Wigton, Wimbledon!

This week’s pub quiz went better than last week’s, think we might have even got 4th. We got all the dingbats as well, nearly all by ourselves. As usual the music round left us with no chance of winning, but it was all fun. Went back to Alex’s for some more drinks and a massive takeaway.

Anyway, sorry for the lateness but I forgot it was Tuesday. Next week I’ll be able to start with Wednesday I guess.

Wednesday we woke up in the morning at Alex’s, watched some more TV and then went to see Now You See Me. Loved the film, then I went back to Alex’s for a couple of hours.

Petrolled up the car and headed off to North Shields for some water park fun at Wet n Wild on Thursday. Was so much fun, we had a float around on the rings first and then went round all the rides. Had a break then went back on a couple more rides and floated around some more before we got ambushed by the wave machine. Got a McDonalds on the way back.

Friday I had some housesitting to do with Jess, so I went and housesat. As I have posted, I watched Wimbledon pretty much all day.

Saturday I watched all the more tennis action while Jess was at work, and took the mongrel for a walk. I sorted the bunny rabbits and did some hoovering and emptied the dishwasher and I was very proud of myself.

Sunday was Saturday minus the dishwasher and hoover. Watched Murray win and went home for some Sunday din dins, yum.

Monday I decided to go into town to get out of the heat of my house, and went into the even more heat of the outside world. Met Liam and played some pool and FIFA for a few hours with Dan and Beal, then went to Spoons and then watched Liam be very drunk and finally got home.

Tuesday is now, only just, and we have just finished our worst pub quiz yet. It all started so well… I also went gyming with Luke because I was bored of being in the house again.


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