Weird Wimbledon dream

Pretty easy to work out where this one came from really.

I’m playing against Roger Federer. For some reason I’m Andy Roddick, but still me at the same time.

I beat him easily, 6-4 7-5 or something like that. Don’t know why it was three sets either, maybe to speed us along a bit.

So I get my trophy, I’m sat between Alex and Gary and they ask to see it. Alex tries to steal it, and Gary pops a hole in it and it starts leaking air. This is just after I established it was made of plastic.

This, only plastic and holey

When it stopped we left the school hall where this odd presentation was taking place, and went to sit in my old form room. From there I saw Avril Lavigne outside posing for photos with the other champions, even though she hadn’t won anything.

This somehow made me realise that I had to be out there instead of her, so I hurried out.

We got from Wimbledon to here suspiciously quickly

That ended up with me Jess and someone else walking home. We got to the top of the hill near my house and saw all our stuff laid out like a picnic on the pavement. I kept getting annoyed because the other two kept leaving the tops off their bottles.

Then I looked across the road, and saw to my utter dismay that my local Chinese place had been replaced by the noodle shop in York I’ve seen.

I woke up somewhere in the middle of this dream, and I think I won the weird Wimbledon again at some point. Sets me up in a slightly confused way for the day, but it was fun enough to make me go back to sleep to carry it on.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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