Wimbledon, yay (Sir) Murray!

First off, I think giving knighthoods to people like Bradley Wiggins and even Chris Hoy is stupid. A knighthood is a reward for a lifetime of work, a generation or two of inspiring young people and raising the profile of their sport, for sportspeople at least.

Give them an MBE or an OBE or something, and when they have dedicated a few more decades to helping the next set of icons to the next level, reward them.

Might just be me, but to be called Sir means you’ve had more than just your own career’s worth of success. At the very least wait until they’ve retired.

Anyway, finally got sat down to watch some Wimbledon goodness on Friday. Had some housesitting to do which gave me the chance to just put Djokovic v Del Potro on and watch all the way through Murray v Janowicz.

Thoughts, Djoko-DelPo semi was the best match I’ve seen since Federer beat Roddick in the final on the same court in ’09. I don’t like this Janowicz character but I can see how he will be good for the game. Every sport needs a bad guy rebellious type.

I caught the women’s final on Saturday, that was even more anticlimactic than today’s main event. First set was over so quickly and from then it was only ever going to be Bartoli winning it. I felt so sorry for Lisicki but she just didn’t turn up until halfway through the second.

Also Bartoli’s two-handed forehand is really strange to watch, but got the job done clearly.

Then the Bryan brothers came on. I love watching doubles, it’s so much faster than singles and it weirdly does offer something a lot different, despite being pretty much the same.

So they went a set down straight away, which made it more interesting to begin with. Then I think I took the dog for a walk, and by the time I’d got back they’d knocked out the second set.

From there it was pretty obvious they were going to win, and hold all four Slams simultaneously. Plus Olympic gold. What a team. Bob’s service games are unplayable, his massive serve and Mike’s amazing volleys were just too good.

As well as being the best doubles team in history, 90 titles now, they have the best celebration in the game. That is a chest bump in progress, for those unsure.

There’s a reason charity events and matches are doubles, it’s just more fun. You get more highlight reel moments as the ball pings back and forward between all four players at the net.

And so earlier today, the main event. I must say I didn’t get excited when Murray got the first break, because against Djokovic it has to be served out, which he didn’t do. He should have wrapped the set up in the first three games I thought.

But once he won the first set I called it. Murray in five.

Djokovic come raging back at him and smashed himself into a 4-1 lead in the second. Murray defied my prediction by breaking back, before taking a 6-5 lead off Djoko’s serve and sealing the set with an ace.

I reassessed my earlier prediction. Murray in four.

Murray broke early in the third, and I almost dared think he was nearly there. However, I’ve watched Novak Djokovic enough to know that he just doesn’t stop.

The man has some ridiculous engine, and overcame a break to go 4-2 up. I thought he would get at least one on the board after that, but no. Murray comes back and wins four games in a row, easy as.

At some point during that third set, probably at 5-4, I changed my prediction to the correct one. My Twitter feed to the right should reflect the extreme accuracy I showed all match.

I thought the final was a bit of a let down really, did not see it ending in three sets. Some of the rallies were outrageous though, definitely the two best players in the world right now.

And a Brit has won Wimbledon, hooray. I started getting excited when he broke in the second, and I am pleased that he finally won.

Saved us another sobbing speech at any rate.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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