My week; pub, dogs, McDonalds

Tuesday’s pub quiz was fun, on another day we might have come top three but it was still a good laugh.

Domily came round on Wednesday, we wanted to get a McDonalds but by the time we were set to go they were closing. We watched Waterloo Road and The Apprentice and drank tea instead.

Thursday we decided it was time for a McDonalds, since we were too late to get one on Wednesday night. It was just delicious, been so long since I treated myself to a Big Mac.

Friday we got up and went back round to my house to pick up Jess’ car. She then went off to get Emily and back to Wigton to ready for her first day at new job. I went to the gym and took mother to her friend’s house, picked her up after sitting waiting for them to finish their wine for two hours.

I saw Jess off to her new job on Saturday morning, did some housey things and took the dogs for a walk. Had a nice family lunch with uncle I never see, and went to visit Alex’s dogs and play Harry Potter 1.

Saw Jess off to her second day on Sunday, and took the little sniffers out for another walk. Went to play squash against Alex and James, went 4-0 against them. Made up for losing 3-2 to Alex at pool.

Monday was looong. Drove all the way to York to get Jess’ keys for uni, and then I drove back. We stopped off for McDonalds of course at our special stopping place.

And we are back to Tuesday, preparing for another pub quiz, this week we have an Alex house event after. Should be fun.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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