I want a VW camper van

Look at them. They are just the absolute best things ever. I have a new goal in life.

Jess and I were sat watching TV the other night when we started talking about taking a year out of life to go travel all around Europe, knocking out a lot of the places we want to go in one trip.

Then I got thinking about how confusing and expensive all the B&Bs and hotels were going to be once they totted up.

Then we looked at actual tourist trips around Europe, but they are really restrictive and just sort of shoehorn you round each city in a day.

Then I went on my phone and started looking at these.

Every time I see one of these go by, which isn’t that often, it makes me happy. It’s just such a cool thing to drive, I don’t know how else to describe it other than the best idea anyone ever had.

I mean, we could take it to Leeds fest, take it on holidays anywhere across the Channel, take Jess camping in relative comfort, it just makes a lot of things a lot easier.





And really, who doesn’t want to drive with that steering wheel and those gears? It just looks like it would be totally hilarious.

That interior is probably my favourite that I’ve come across too. I also saw one with a little ladder up to the roof box but I think that was a taller model.

These last two pictures are the two colours I would most like to have it in. I was all set on that blue one until I saw the red.

There are a couple of drawbacks, I will admit. I’m not so blinded by the perfection of the thing to know it might not be the most practical everyday car, and if we have one of these we won’t be able to keep another on the road.

I also know that a mechanically sound VW with a nice interior can go from anywhere between £11,000 and £25,000, so cost may be another issue.

But it’s so pretty and shiny and fun. It shall always be a pipe dream of mine, and maybe one day in twenty years or so I’ll finally own one, take a year out of work and just go for it.

Could just buy one now, do we really need a house? We’re students. I’m sure Jess will understand.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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5 responses to “I want a VW camper van”

  1. limeytoast says :

    This is one of my life goals too! When we both have one we can have VW races. (Although I might have to learn to drive first…) x

  2. Bemused Backpacker says :

    Haha awesome goal mate! Imagine a gap year around Europe in one of those?

  3. willc88 says :

    When I travelled around Australia I rented a Juicy camper van, It was pretty much a house on wheels (a people carrier that had a cooker, fridge, dvd player and bed in the back. There’s another company called Wicked camper vans which does something pretty similar I think… and if I’m right, the wicked vans are in Europe too. Not quite the cool look of a VW but it’s a pretty cool way to travel.

  4. Darren Hyland says :

    Since I posted this I’ve seen like three of the damn things, they just have that cool look about them. Renting one might be a good option to be honest, wasn’t sure if you could do that. It’s just got everything!

  5. itsjustjaco says :

    freakin wonderful!!!

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