Blog post about blog, Father’s Day

Quick post about tonight’s activities.

Been fannying around on here for a while now trying to find a nicer, more colourful theme for my blog. As you can see I ultimately failed and reverted back to this.

In doing so all my side widgets went away so I’ve been recovering and rearranging them as well.

What else happened today, well I walked into town which took 45 minutes and flared my forever injured ankle up really badly, so please send donations and chocolates and things to make me feel better. Or just write a nasty letter to Cumberland Infirmary on my behalf.

Anyway, went and played pool for a bit when Alex and I realised there isn’t much else to do in town, and then I had to be picked up to come home.

Was a lovely day for a Father’s Day, happy Father’s Day to all the cool and wonderful dads out there! Although this day always reminds me just how many people that I know are without their dad for whatever reason.

The number of people I know who have been through divorce or a parent dying is frightening. I can count the friends whose parents are still together on one hand.

We were going to go down to the crem, but I am useless at remembering the shops all close early on a Sunday, so we couldn’t get any flowers and are going to go tomorrow.

Sat and watched cricket, moved on to tennis for Murray win and funny charity match, back to the end of the cricket, on to football and now more football after a Blackadder/Mock the Week break.

Longer than intended, first game of tennis in about nine months tomorrow.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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