Our holiday on a fell

We are back in the land of civilisation after our lovely summer getaway up a mountain.

Saturday: Got here, somewhat stressfully, moved ourselves in and Jess sent me around the place collecting spiders and we went to bed. Good job there weren’t any monsters about. I gave Jess her anniversary present a bit early and it went down really well so yay! Also a cow stared us down in the middle of the road.


Mr Cow leading us down a fell at 0.2 miles an hour

Sunday: First sign of sunshine and we headed off to South Lakes to see the zoo wildlife and such like. I made friends with a lemur and spilled ice cream all over everywhere. The drive up a lot of ridiculously steep hills was much fun for me, no fun for Jess.


Rhino. It tried to run around

Monday: Not quite as nice weather today, but we had a walk over the farm to Devoke Water and had a sit by the lake. Not for very long because the sun went away, but it was still nice. There was lots of poo lying around but it was a lovely view across the water.


Me on my stone throne and Jess very far away

Tuesday: Sucky weather so a day in the house, couple more spiders for the collection and general lazing about. Was still a good day though. Tried to get the fire on but had no wood. We did have Sky HD with movies though, so films were watched throughout the week.


Nothing picture worthy today so here is Devoke Water without either of us getting in the shot

Wednesday: Another bed day, we slept until 12ish and then Jess felt poorly so we stayed in and watched Horrible Bosses and The Thick of It. Had my first working shower of the week.


These guys. Were. Everywhere.


Our lovely many-postered bed for the week


Thursday: Almost got out of the house but then realised the internet had lied to us and that Windermere, Grasmere and Buttermere were all an hour away. Instead we went to the shop for some milk. Some dogs and sheep were knocking around when we got back.


The view from our picnic bench and Jess’ head

Friday: Woken up by the full force of God’s nappy bursting over Birker Fell. Went and got the obligatory spider, this one was on the cooker, and had food. Packed up, cleaned up and journeyed back to the flat part of Cumbria. Sad to say goodbye to our nice little cottage.


So now I’m back at home, in bed, trying to sort out ridiculously confusing insurance claims. Looking forward to seeing people again and getting football sorted after a week off. Here’s a picture of a big-ass giraffe and a blurry semi-underwater hippo.


Have a nice day – bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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