Dogma, View Askewniverse

After having Dogma on my Sky+ planner for so long that when I recorded it Friends was still on E4, I watched it the other night.

Haven’t done a film thing in a while, haven’t really fancied it, but I’m on my own tonight for the first time in a few days so may as well do this.

Before Dogma the Kevin Smith films featuring Jay and Silent Bob I’d seen were Clerks 1 & 2, Mallrats and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Clerks and Strike Back were the best.

I like Smith’s Askewniverse. It’s kind of like a normal interlinked film series but more stupid. Jay and Silent Bob are in all of them, but actors like Ben Affleck and Jason Lee play many characters in different films.

Dogma has a cool cast and plot and is just a fun film. I like fun films. Not sure about Alanis Morissette being cast as God, but the rest is pretty hilarious.

I didn’t even know Jay and Bob were in this film so I was right happy when they showed up. I also feel like the church that they used in New Jersey were very accommodating to a film that rips holy hell out of Catholicism. No pun intended at time of writing, but after re-reading, sure.

Jason Lee, Chris Rock and Salma Hayek are all rather fine accompaniments to the Jay-Bob-Bethany hoohah, and of course there is Alan Rickman who is just Alan Rickman levels of awesome.

Matt Damon is probably my favourite actor in this film, not sure why I just thought he was good.

Matt Damon.

Pretty much all I have to say on that. I like a film that takes a controversial topic like religion and totally makes light of everything about it. Taking on a subject like afterlife and the whole heaven and hell thing could have been fairly grim.

There are some really funny moments, mostly involving Jay spewing absolute trash and being confused and angered at everything. Crude, but brilliant.

Probably comes close to Clerks as my favourite Kevin Smith film. Thought provoking I’d say.

Happy June! I had some lovely pollock fillets for tea today.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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