I got a job!


I finally managed to get me a job after about 25 applications.

I’m going to be a driver for Dominos, which is pretty good for what I wanted from a summer job.

First, it’s part-time hours, or so I hope. Second, the earliest I’m likely to be starting at is 4, and the latest finish around 10. Third, it involves driving around lots, so I don’t have to be stood around in the same place all day.

Still a bit nervous to start but at least I have money coming in now over summer.

Jess hosted a little get together last night which was lots of fun. I was the taxi driver/dog walker and we had lots of tea. I’m also starting to enjoy wine, it makes me feel classier than a pint. Even if it is Bulgarian Merlot for £3.

Holiday and new phone both coming up, managed to lose nearly half a stone and am getting more exercise than usual, and I’ve been pretty busy so sorry bloggers for the lack of posting.

I also just got the amazing combination of Cool Runnings and Jingle All The Way through my door when I came home, if that’s not enough to keep spirits up…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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