Late, late Iron Man 3 reaction

I know it’s been either a week or two weeks since I actually went to see this film, and in the interim I’ve been to see The Great Gatsby, but for my first non-general post in a while I’m going to rack my brains and try to remember how I liked the new Iron Man.

First off, it has to be said that I’m not a huge fan of Iron Man in general. I never thought he was one of the cooler superheroes, so I was never going to like this as much as Batman or Hulk or Thor.

Second off, it also should be said that while Iron Man isn’t cool to me, Robert Downey Jr. is. So, cool factor is restored somewhat to even for the film.

I’ve decided not to spoil things by going into massive plot details, but basically Stark has to save his girlfriend and the world from a big super-villain man who has recruited a lot more nasty men to help him be nasty. Not exactly reinventing the superhero wheel.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the wheel. I like wheels. Anyway, nothing that would seem unusual for this kind of film happens really, there’s a lot of funny moments as expected of Iron Man, and a few huge epic explosion-laced fight scenes.

The coolest moment for me involved a return of the very first suit seen in the first film, in the most epic part of the finale.

Downey Jr. was funny as usual, but also conveyed a more serious side through the second half of the film. For the first time he was playing the chaser, rather than simply the fighter. He was racing against time to save Pepper, and that gave this film the extra dynamic to separate it from the first two.

I enjoyed it, think I gave it a 7/10. Would recommend in the cinema, probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD. Fortunately, thanks to Jess I doubt I will have to make that decision though.

Have a nice day, bang bang!- Cactus Jack


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