Final day football

Just got back from watching the last day of the Premier League. Despite only two games actually meaning anything it was still a good day.

Last time I went out to watch the last day of the season United beat Blackpool 4-2 to relegate them. Even I was supporting Blackpool that day since we had already won the title and they had been so entertaining all season.

Last season was the worst last day ever. Sat by myself watching us get so close to snatching the title and then losing it after full time to City was horrible. None of that drama this year.


Arsenal were on the main screen and Spurs were on around the bar. I was cheering for Arsenal, because they play better football than Spurs, and because they don’t rely solely on one player.

Had two bets on as well, having a little money on the football always makes it more exciting, especially when teams I don’t follow are playing. I lost them both, obviously.

Man United were comfortably ahead in Fergie’s last game, so obviously they were going to throw that away to draw 5-5. At least he set one last record before he left – highest scoring draw.

City lost, always a plus. Looking forward to Match of the Day later.

Got out again today, been out of the house pretty much every day in keeping with my new ‘healthy lifestyle’ thing.

Looking forward to weeks to come, just need some money to go with the nice weather.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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