It’s my anniversablog, apparently

So WordPress just gave me a trophy and said Happy Anniversary with WordPress.

I can’t even remember setting this thing up, so I’ll have to take their word for it. If you look back through my archives there is quite a sizable gap stretching from about a month after I set the blog up to when I started using it again in February. I think I had two or three posts until I came back to it three months ago.

Grammatical correctness is too mainstream

Now, now I have like 40 followers, most of whom aren’t friends who I’ve pestered or linked to my page. Thank you everyone who decided that what they wanted was some directionless twaddle from a daft greb. Also, I noticed a few American views piling up, hello America! I hate you for having such a better country than I have.

Not sure if that’s grammatically correct, but moving on. I have a very busy week planned. Got a christening tomorrow, never been to one of those before. Then Monday it’s the start of our futsal league, never played that before. Then the pub, I’ve been there before.

Tuesday we are off to Carlisle’s nicest little bar in town, not saying much, but it’s still nice. Wednesday Jess and I are going to scare our trousers off watching Evil Dead, and then Thursday I go back to uni for an exam Friday morning before driving back.

Somehow need to fit in revision for the exam as well as bash out the last 1000 essay words of the second year. I’d quite like to know if anyone else’s course at university or college has been a total waste of time?

Mine has, all it convinced me of is that I don’t want to be a journalist, just like my GCSE’s taught me I don’t want to be an engineer, and A Levels taught me I don’t want to be a mathematician.

What a whiney anniversapost, never mind. I am in a good mood though, looking forward to the week up until Friday morning. Also City got royally shown up in the cup final which put me in jolly good spirits. Little bit sad I won’t get to watch Sir Alex’s last ever home game live, but we can’t have everything now can we.

Also Emily is getting her vlog set up tomorrow and I am well excited because vlogging just seems fun and I am looking forward to watching her crazy hippie videos.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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