Tattoos, jobs & vlogging?

Evening lady gents.

First post about nothing in particular in a while, I’ll pick the threads up into a title later on.

First post about anything really for a while, happy May everyone! Only a week in.

Couple of things to kick off; I love the ampersand, no idea why, and I also have a growing obsession with Storage Hunters, again, who know why.

Right, I need a job. Who knew it would be so damn difficult to get one these days? I just need a few part time hours to keep my bank balance ticking over, nothing special just enough to cover petrol and pub essentially.

Just been talking to Emily about vlogging, which I think would be a better medium for this kind of post, but me talking at you for five minutes or so might be a bit dull, since I don’t really have a subject matter planned. If I did stand up it would be the obscure Ross Nobley tangent business.

She is getting into the vlog business, so I might pop up on hers at some point if I ask nicely.

One thing I would like some spare money for is a tattoo or two. I’ve had plenty of ideas going around over the last few years as to what to get, since it’s a pretty big step getting something inked onto your person.

I’ve settled on at least one idea I definitely want, and a friend of mine is drawing it up I believe. So I’ll see what it looks like and figure out whether I really really want it and whether I can even afford it.

Imagine if I got paid to vlog and write on here, I would enjoy that very much. If only I was more interesting.

Also need to select some new shorts for the summer, something else involving money. I’ve been pointed towards denim shorts by a few now. I used to think they would just be stupid hot anyway, and looked a bit off, but Jess is yet to be wrong on matters of my fashion. Denim jackets may be drawing a line though.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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