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I got a job!


I finally managed to get me a job after about 25 applications.

I’m going to be a driver for Dominos, which is pretty good for what I wanted from a summer job.

First, it’s part-time hours, or so I hope. Second, the earliest I’m likely to be starting at is 4, and the latest finish around 10. Third, it involves driving around lots, so I don’t have to be stood around in the same place all day.

Still a bit nervous to start but at least I have money coming in now over summer.

Jess hosted a little get together last night which was lots of fun. I was the taxi driver/dog walker and we had lots of tea. I’m also starting to enjoy wine, it makes me feel classier than a pint. Even if it is Bulgarian Merlot for £3.

Holiday and new phone both coming up, managed to lose nearly half a stone and am getting more exercise than usual, and I’ve been pretty busy so sorry bloggers for the lack of posting.

I also just got the amazing combination of Cool Runnings and Jingle All The Way through my door when I came home, if that’s not enough to keep spirits up…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


Late, late Iron Man 3 reaction

I know it’s been either a week or two weeks since I actually went to see this film, and in the interim I’ve been to see The Great Gatsby, but for my first non-general post in a while I’m going to rack my brains and try to remember how I liked the new Iron Man.

First off, it has to be said that I’m not a huge fan of Iron Man in general. I never thought he was one of the cooler superheroes, so I was never going to like this as much as Batman or Hulk or Thor.

Second off, it also should be said that while Iron Man isn’t cool to me, Robert Downey Jr. is. So, cool factor is restored somewhat to even for the film.

I’ve decided not to spoil things by going into massive plot details, but basically Stark has to save his girlfriend and the world from a big super-villain man who has recruited a lot more nasty men to help him be nasty. Not exactly reinventing the superhero wheel.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the wheel. I like wheels. Anyway, nothing that would seem unusual for this kind of film happens really, there’s a lot of funny moments as expected of Iron Man, and a few huge epic explosion-laced fight scenes.

The coolest moment for me involved a return of the very first suit seen in the first film, in the most epic part of the finale.

Downey Jr. was funny as usual, but also conveyed a more serious side through the second half of the film. For the first time he was playing the chaser, rather than simply the fighter. He was racing against time to save Pepper, and that gave this film the extra dynamic to separate it from the first two.

I enjoyed it, think I gave it a 7/10. Would recommend in the cinema, probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD. Fortunately, thanks to Jess I doubt I will have to make that decision though.

Have a nice day, bang bang!- Cactus Jack

Final day football

Just got back from watching the last day of the Premier League. Despite only two games actually meaning anything it was still a good day.

Last time I went out to watch the last day of the season United beat Blackpool 4-2 to relegate them. Even I was supporting Blackpool that day since we had already won the title and they had been so entertaining all season.

Last season was the worst last day ever. Sat by myself watching us get so close to snatching the title and then losing it after full time to City was horrible. None of that drama this year.


Arsenal were on the main screen and Spurs were on around the bar. I was cheering for Arsenal, because they play better football than Spurs, and because they don’t rely solely on one player.

Had two bets on as well, having a little money on the football always makes it more exciting, especially when teams I don’t follow are playing. I lost them both, obviously.

Man United were comfortably ahead in Fergie’s last game, so obviously they were going to throw that away to draw 5-5. At least he set one last record before he left – highest scoring draw.

City lost, always a plus. Looking forward to Match of the Day later.

Got out again today, been out of the house pretty much every day in keeping with my new ‘healthy lifestyle’ thing.

Looking forward to weeks to come, just need some money to go with the nice weather.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

I am on a diet

Started our summer futsal league on Monday. We lost, but mostly it was just as tiring as people said it would be.

Reaffirms my need to get fit again, since I’m still kind of feeling the effects of 15 minutes of football three days later.

Since all the gym and swimming time I’ve done seems to have made no difference I have also decided to eat a bit better. Problem is I don’t really know how to eat well, so I’m just going to eat less.

I know I’m not the only person who pigs out at night, when there’s nothing to do and it gets to about 10pm. So less of that please and more having breakfast in the morning time, try and balance my stomach out.

Also, Emily put a vlog up on her Youtube channel the other day. It is very funny and she is completely batty as per, so I’m embedding it below to help her out. Not that she needs any help looking at the view count after two days or so.

Had a bit of trouble with the embedding, but all is well. Good thing I don’t have a vlog, struggle to get videos up let alone edit and record them.

As for uni, gotta go back there tonight for an exam in the morning. I know nothing about the module, and have no record of it on my uni evision, so having to go back is making me sad.

Also still not having a job is saddening, money is running low. Never mind, preview for independent life I guess.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

It’s my anniversablog, apparently

So WordPress just gave me a trophy and said Happy Anniversary with WordPress.

I can’t even remember setting this thing up, so I’ll have to take their word for it. If you look back through my archives there is quite a sizable gap stretching from about a month after I set the blog up to when I started using it again in February. I think I had two or three posts until I came back to it three months ago.

Grammatical correctness is too mainstream

Now, now I have like 40 followers, most of whom aren’t friends who I’ve pestered or linked to my page. Thank you everyone who decided that what they wanted was some directionless twaddle from a daft greb. Also, I noticed a few American views piling up, hello America! I hate you for having such a better country than I have.

Not sure if that’s grammatically correct, but moving on. I have a very busy week planned. Got a christening tomorrow, never been to one of those before. Then Monday it’s the start of our futsal league, never played that before. Then the pub, I’ve been there before.

Tuesday we are off to Carlisle’s nicest little bar in town, not saying much, but it’s still nice. Wednesday Jess and I are going to scare our trousers off watching Evil Dead, and then Thursday I go back to uni for an exam Friday morning before driving back.

Somehow need to fit in revision for the exam as well as bash out the last 1000 essay words of the second year. I’d quite like to know if anyone else’s course at university or college has been a total waste of time?

Mine has, all it convinced me of is that I don’t want to be a journalist, just like my GCSE’s taught me I don’t want to be an engineer, and A Levels taught me I don’t want to be a mathematician.

What a whiney anniversapost, never mind. I am in a good mood though, looking forward to the week up until Friday morning. Also City got royally shown up in the cup final which put me in jolly good spirits. Little bit sad I won’t get to watch Sir Alex’s last ever home game live, but we can’t have everything now can we.

Also Emily is getting her vlog set up tomorrow and I am well excited because vlogging just seems fun and I am looking forward to watching her crazy hippie videos.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Tattoos, jobs & vlogging?

Evening lady gents.

First post about nothing in particular in a while, I’ll pick the threads up into a title later on.

First post about anything really for a while, happy May everyone! Only a week in.

Couple of things to kick off; I love the ampersand, no idea why, and I also have a growing obsession with Storage Hunters, again, who know why.

Right, I need a job. Who knew it would be so damn difficult to get one these days? I just need a few part time hours to keep my bank balance ticking over, nothing special just enough to cover petrol and pub essentially.

Just been talking to Emily about vlogging, which I think would be a better medium for this kind of post, but me talking at you for five minutes or so might be a bit dull, since I don’t really have a subject matter planned. If I did stand up it would be the obscure Ross Nobley tangent business.

She is getting into the vlog business, so I might pop up on hers at some point if I ask nicely.

One thing I would like some spare money for is a tattoo or two. I’ve had plenty of ideas going around over the last few years as to what to get, since it’s a pretty big step getting something inked onto your person.

I’ve settled on at least one idea I definitely want, and a friend of mine is drawing it up I believe. So I’ll see what it looks like and figure out whether I really really want it and whether I can even afford it.

Imagine if I got paid to vlog and write on here, I would enjoy that very much. If only I was more interesting.

Also need to select some new shorts for the summer, something else involving money. I’ve been pointed towards denim shorts by a few now. I used to think they would just be stupid hot anyway, and looked a bit off, but Jess is yet to be wrong on matters of my fashion. Denim jackets may be drawing a line though.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack