Iron Man 3 tomorrow

Pretty much what it says really. First summery thing of the summer with friends, off to the cinema tomorrow for the new Iron Man.

Not a huge fan of comic book films really, especially Iron Man. The Dark Knight trilogy was awesome, obviously, and I liked The Avengers and Amazing Spiderman.

Iron Man is one of my favourite Avengers because he’s hilarious, but the actual Iron Man films just haven’t been very good to me. It’s the same superhero film formula, he’s never realistically going to be beaten because he’s the hero. True of most film plots I suppose, just more glaringly obvious with superheroes.

But it should still be entertaining, it’s Orange Wednesday too so will be cheap, and it’s good to get out and do things with people. As long as it doesn’t involve a horrid sweaty club playing horrid sweaty music I’m in.

So yeah, not a massive comic book nerd or film nerd, not gonna pretend to be. Still hopefully be a good film and a fun day tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Also I just ordered Dominos and really need to start eating better over summer. I should have a job sorted at some point and I have futsal and squash and swimming and gym to keep fit with, I just don’t know how to diet.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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One response to “Iron Man 3 tomorrow”

  1. veritebeaute says :

    Superman died at one point.

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