Title 20

Just watching the closing stages of United-Villa, been a no contest since about 12 minutes in.

We have been a bit stop start for a lot of years in the cup competitions, especially the FA Cup, but the Premier League will do me for this season. This time last year was just unbearable so it’s nice to see City well behind, and with four games left can’t be caught.

A lot of people have been saying how poor this squad has been compared to previous years, but I think it’s developing into the best squad I’ve ever seen, including the ’99 side.

Last year we didn’t deserve to win the league on squad strength, even take second, but we still pushed City to the last day and should really have won it ourselves before then.

Since then Shinji Kagawa and Robin van Persie have come in. van Persie has made the difference obviously, but Kagawa offers something different in midfield.

Then there is the development of De Gea, Rafael, Welbeck, Cleverley, Evans, Smalling and Jones. A lot of young players to take us forward and they’ve come on so much this season. Carrick, Giggs, Hernandez and Ferdinand have been superb as well.

De Gea looks like the Messi-slayer he was in Spain, Rafael has improved unbelievably defensively, and Jones and Smalling will slot in seamlessly when Rio and Vidic retire.

Just a shame I’m watching the crowning moment of the season at uni by myself. My current favourite player in the world RvP has helped with a magic second goal of a half hour hattrick.

There goes the whistle, champions again! Feels good.

Chuffed for De Gea, RvP, Kagawa and the rest who have won their first BPL title.

Fergie is a stupendous human being. He will never retire.

I love RvP. So much. Knew he was worth £24m.

Valencia had his best game since he came back from his broken leg tonight. Pleased he looked sharp and hope he can kick on next year because he has been our best winger over the last three or four years.

Whatever people say we could do with holding onto Rooney. Fancy a European charge next season.

Going back over the City 3-2, RvP’s hattrick against Southampton, even coming back twice against West Ham last week. Can’t wait for next season to go already.

I also like the look of Buttner when Evra hangs it up.

Enough of my thoughts spewing all over everywhere. Off to watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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