Save Rock and Roll – Fall Out Boy

I don’t like hyphens. Just making sure everyone knows. But the only other thing I could’ve replaced them with would be quotation marks around the album, and I like them even less than hyphens. I always think that given the context and the capitalisation it would be clear what the film or song or album name was.

Never mind, apparently it’s what has to be done. But my essays also have to be done, and I’m doing this instead, so sod it.

I’m trying to listen to Spotify playlists on the train, but the connection is shocking. I can still listen to Fall Out Boy’s new album though since I have it on my iPod.

They got back together a couple months back and put out a song that made me say “Oh god they’ve sold out this is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone.” Using speech marks is fine, since it’s speech.

Good thing I have Spotify. It’s still playing now. The Phoenix should have been the lead single, it sounds more like old FOB than anything else on the album so it would have eased older fans like me in before going another direction.

I do hate it when people just sit and say things like artists they used to really like suck because they changed it up and don’t sound the same. Bands evolve, if all their records sounded the same what would the point be in having more than one record? I’m not a fan of the artwork though it has to be said.

I still prefer Take This To Your Grave, but this is still really good. Rat A Tat is ruined completely by Courtney Love’s absolute lack of talent, but Elton John makes up for it in Save Rock And Roll. Everyone loves Sir Elton.

I wasn’t impressed with Folie a Deux. I was glad they tried to do something different but I always hoped it wouldn’t be their last album. This could well be, and I would be happy to have it to remember them by. It’s a bit electronic as well, but still cool.

Oh, and Patrick’s voice is immense. Anyone who thinks Justin Bieber or Will.I.Am are musical geniuses haven’t heard this guy.

Now, about those essays.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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