Back at uni, bored of uni

I think these posts are going to get more and more infrequent. I used to think I had to keep them regular, I’m a bit OCD like that. But now I’m like hey, I’ll post when I have something worthwhile to post about.

Having said that, all I have to say now is that uni sucks. I’ve been back since Sunday and I’m just weirdly stressed here. I have to drive out to Teeside tomorrow for filming, but I’m well on top of all my work, so hopefully I can get everything done by next weekend.

If I do though I’ll have like a week and a half to kill before my assessments start. All I know is I have to get everything handed in by the 9th, so I can go back for Jess’ little brother’s christening. Need some nice clothes for that come to think of it.

So than it’s home for summer, apart from one day back for an exam. Then summer, hopefully with a job, then moving into a house that I can’t get a viewing sorted for because noone seems to want to look at it again. I’m worried it’s going to be another horror show. More annoying since I was all set to move into a brand new one before I was ‘swapped’ for someone in this one.

So who knows what I’ll be like come 2014. Alls I know is I’m gonna be very close to graduating, which is scary.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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