Wrestlemania! Aftermath

Been a few days since last post, because this is the first time I’ve been back on my laptop since then.

Wrestlemania started off well, we all got there well in time and got some good seats. The walk wasn’t too cold and we had the drinks in before it came on.

But then, literally a second after the first bell of the first match, the bar’s Sky satellite went down. Which meant we missed about half of the whole thing.

After trying a different bar, and watching half a Jericho match on a small TV, we decided to go back to Big Al’s and just see if it came back on. There was a technician there by the time we got back, and we actually got the projector back on in time for Undertaker.

The fact that it went off made the night really. Since none of us bought any drinks when it was off because we were minutes away from going home we saved loads of money for when it was back on. We also got two free bottles of champagne for coming back.

Only problem with the champagne was after it had gone everything else tasted like sewage for the next half hour. But we got to see the three matches we went for.

The atmosphere wasn’t what is was last year, obviously so since half the people left, but it was still good.

Genuinely was convinced halfway through the Punk-Taker match that Undertaker would lose, also thought Lesnar would win, and obviously knew Cena would.

Didn’t stop us all chanting rather loudly, bit of a sore throat in the morning time but otherwise not too worse for wear.

Got my hair cut after getting up, looks the same to everyone except Jess. Then went to watch the derby with Alex and need not have bothered.

The first half was so poor from both teams, only Jones and Clichy really stood out for me, and when the two best players are defenders it’s clearly not been a classic.

Still, we were still well in it, even though Giggs, Rafael and Evra were all having shockers. Second half we played better as a team, but still didn’t even look like scoring.

De Gea got unlucky with the first goal, deflected past him. We certainly got lucky with ours, Jones clearing van Persie’s free kick off the line onto Kompany and in.

Then Aguero’s goal was just down to awful defending from just about everyone, keeper no chance.

So a disappointing end to the weekend, league should still be ours though. Gonna watch the Stoke game before going back to uni on Sunday, avoid the traffic from the Sunderland Newcastle game.

Couple of NBs, very very sorry Jess and Emily for keeping you up all night Sunday, and Dom I hope your head has somewhat recovered since yesterday.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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